Tod from Welcome Home: Metallica concert is the best you could ever go to


Almost all fans of the band are crazy, says metallitaz from Colorado

Here is the final one of the interviews we made with popular Metallica fans from all over the world for the past 2 years. We talked to Tod Struthers from Colorado, USA

HoS: What is your name (nickname) and position at your local chapter?
-Tod Struthers and my PPM name is metallitaz. I am the Chapter Head of Welcome Home (Colorado).

HoS: When was the first time you have heard Metallica and which song? Your favourite album or song? And explain why?
-I am not sure when I first heard Metallica – probably the mid 80s. My favorite album and song is Master of Puppets because it has all the elements in one song – the heavy parts, the fast parts, the slower melodic middle part.

HoS: When and where you have seen Metallica Live? Which one is your personal favorite? And how many concerts you want to see in the future?
-I have seen Metallica around 30 times. My favorite was the show in Park City Utah in 2006 because it was such a small club to see them in!

HoS: Where are the craziest Metallica fans you’ve ever met?
-The craziest fans I have ever met – hmmm… almost all of them are crazy!

HoS: Would you take the offer to work for Metallica if they ask you to?
-I would work for Metallica except it would hard to be away from my wife and my kids for so long!

HoS: If it was up to you what would you change in the live performance of Metallica?
-I would like Metallica to play all the unusual songs they never play like Trapped Under Ice, Dyers Eve, Orion, etc.

HoS: If I have never been at a metallica show how you will convince me to go?
-I would tell you how incredible their live show is and how it’s the best concert you could ever go to!

HoS: When did you join the MetClub and when was born the idea for the local chapter?
-I joined Metclub in 1999 and I wanted to start a local chapter after goign to many cities around the US that had so many Metallica members in their chapters and wanted to get together with Metallica fans at home in Colorado! Our purpose is to have fun celebrating Metallica’s music together! I give out Metalluca prizes to those who come to chapter events and also have chapter contests!

HoS: Do you know something for Bulgaria? Would you say something special to the members of HOS?
-I do not anythign about Bulgaria except where it is on a map! I have a friend from Romania which is very beautiful, so I am sure that Bulgaria is beautiful too! I know they have beautiful people!


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