We made history!


Here is what happened on 21st and 22th June

Fans in Bulgaria were once again happy to see Metallica in live. This time, however, it was more than a special show. Metallica were part of the Sonisphere festival along with Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. Here is Assya’s story of how she enjoyed everything – from the pre-show party of our local chapter Harvester of Sofia to the concert itself.

As in 2008 I was lucky enough to see Metallica personally and thank them for what they are doing for us, now it’s hard for me to find appropriate words to describe what happened on the 21st and 22nd of June.

Our pre-party came with thunder and a lot of rain on Monday 21st. We managed to surpass our wildest expectations for attendance. R.B.F. was full; our friends came from Bulgaria, Europe and even Russia. Hate Campaign with Bobz from Fyeld made a set of nine songs, songs that take your breath away and leave you with thirst for more. For the fan club, especially, they reshaped Harvester of Sorrow to Harvester of Sofia, one pretty great interpretation. The surprise however came with a fantastic medley, which covered most songs from the album Master of Puppets. I have not seen any of those live concert series in honor of MOP in 2006, but I admit my jaw dropped to the ground with the first chords of Orion….

The boys did not stop to show us how special we are. We were the first who heard and saw live for the first time ever two songs from Hate Campaign ¬ „Feed the Pain” and “Shallow Person”. Bobz again stood behind the microphone and they finished us with three of our favorite songs of Metallica.

After a brief pause the second band came on stage, which also arranged a setlist full of surprises. Not only they have covered few great groups, but also arranged a variety of vocals, which on a run from nowhere, climb the stage to make us scream our lungs out. Miro, Misho, Ilian and Bobz took turns behind the microphone and left us with thick voices. From Metallica, Slayer and Sepultura, through Pantera and Alice in chains … in the company of Gena The crocodile, who was a little shy and forced to get on the stage, the concert ended with two songs from Robb Flynn and company, which they sang together.
Absolute feast for the senses.

After the concert we saw smiles from ear to ear and everyone acknowledged that this was the best party of HOS (just for now …), the best warm-up for the upcoming concert. One by one people started to leave only to gain strength for the upcoming hard day. The night itself was full with lots of energy and portends great things. But none of us, no one was prepared for the surprises that Metallica themselves had prepared us.

On 22nd of June everything was on the side of Harvester of Sofia…A lot was spoken about Sofia rocks festival, we saw tones of  high quality photos and even we watched it several times… But what happened during the Metallica…. We made history!
Bulgaria and the Bulgarian fans have their own place of honor in the hearts of Metallica. We proved that we are true and dedicated fans. We make them feel at home and they appreciated that … As for us, for the local chapter – Harvester of Sofia, was also honored from the beginning. Although our banners were hidden behind a wall of photographers, they were noted by James and company. Nods for approval and congratulations for them we received from them several times. A set full of legendary songs, every word from every song echoed in the audience! The surprise came with Harvester of Sorrow, our so called hymn. Members of the HoS, who had won a meet and greet with the band before the concert, were asked to remind Lars that this song have never been played live in Bulgaria.
Nothing is impossible, he said…

The unique sound of the song covered the stadium and shook all over Sofia. Language of the mad….. James screamed into a microphone and the unbelievable happened. Most of us didn’t notice, someone just decided that they seem to hear, others did not understand that it happened…. but yes, our personal miracle, the greatest recognition by James, something that have never happened … anywhere and not once … At the end of the song before the final guitar riff from Hetfield to be transformed into the beautiful solo of Kirk in front of 45,000 people and millions more worldwide, Metallica have shown us that we are special. Quite clearly, James said „Harvester of Sofia “and melts the hearts of everyone who heard him!

No time to pull us together from the shock then came another one because … James stood in front of us with his new guitar adorned with the Bulgarian flag (again acknowledgment of Harvester of Sofia). And then he invited his colleagues on stage … and one after another they appeared…. Big Four on one stage!!!! … So we wrote the history. Only in Sofia, these giants played a piece together. A real privilege. Bulgaria received its own chapter in the history of Metallica. For all present this was a memorable and beautiful moment, and the song Am I Evil? will never be the same. After many friendly hugs, everything ended with a photo.

Then James invite us on stage, Vasil Levski stadium was illuminated and we all sang those three simple and familiar words “Seek and Destroy” … We were the fifth member of Metallica.

The only thing we could not do is throw the flag hard enough to reach the scene. However, two days later it was delivered personally to James.

Smiling and exhausted, happy and filled with many emotions, without words and caught up in excitement, calm and boiling with energy…. It was us after the thrash summer storm.  We made a few pictures of Harvester of Sofia and we wished to ourselves “see you soon” hopefully to repeat it again next year, at least once, somewhere abroad …. and why not here again.
Nothing is impossible, “said Lars, nothing is impossible!

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