A Day In The Life Of…Metallica!!!


Metallica gave opportunity to some of their loyal fans to be part of filming the the five Copenhagen shows, part of which will be added into Fan Can 6. We have contact one of the happy fans  – Roberto, a.k.a MetalMilitia, which is also part of Zonametallica – our friends from Italy and their Local Chapter. Here is his story for that memorable day of his life.

English is not my native language, you’ll find more than a mistake, of course..

This is my report of the greatest day of my life (at least musically speaking), July 22nd, 2009.

I was one of the 19 lucky fans who were selected to film the 5 shows in Copenhagen on the European Tour 2009 for the upcoming (Fall 2010) Fan Can 6.
If you’re one of the people mentioned here and you think I’ve written something wrong, please let me know at fancan6@gmail.com.


1st day – July, 21st

I arrive at the Karstrup Airport at about 7.20pm and I go to the Forum to meet some fellow MetClub members.
I meet 8 great guys (two of them, Matt from Australia and Mark from Germany, are there to film all the 5 shows) and we go to drink something, first in a nice irish Pub and then in another place, where a guy is playing an acoustic show. He sees us all dressed with Metallica shirts and decides to tribute them playing a nice version of Nothing Else Matters.
Around 2am they close the pub and I go to sleep. My hostel is the City Public Hostel, very nice one, I’m staying in a big room with…66 guests!

Me with some of the guys (Thanx to Lasse for this pic)

2nd day – July, 22nd (Day of the show)

Today is the big day!!
I wake up quite early (just before 8am) and I go for a walk in the city. I pass in front of the great banner “Metallica, thanks Copenaghen…….”, the Tivoli and the Hard Rock Caf? which is not open yet.

The meeting is outside the Forum at Noon: at 11am I’m there. I meet the other filmers and then Erik and Kat come out to pick us up.

Erik (in the picture below) is Swedish, he mainly helps Jeff. I talk a bit with him about his life in tour with Metallica.

Kat comes from London and she deals with the MetStore among the other things.

We go in the backstage and here I can see how many people work around a Metallica show!
There’s a space for the kitchen and the tables, rooms for LOG and Mastodon, the Tuning Room and the private area for Metallica and their families.

We meet Jeff (Metallica webmaster and factotum) and Vicky (MetClub president, photo below), along with Dennis and Filip. They’re awesome! Really handy and nice, they answer every question we ask them and they want to know everything about us. They give us the WORKING pass, now we can go wherever we want, except for the private area, obviously.

We cheat until 2pm and we talk about anything, past, present and future of Metallica, about MetOnTour and all the other sites managed by Jeff.
Now it’s time for the lunch and we take whatever we want from the catering service, very good!

In the meantime John Behrens arrives. He is the responsible of the cams and he has worked in the past with Metallica (S&M among the others) and a lot of other bands. He tells us few nice stories, like his friendship with Smashing Pumpkins, begun in a river of alcohol.

Now it’s time to try the camera, it’s a Canon HF11 HD, very light and handy, with a very sensible zoom. They explain us few tricks to use it, without trying to influence our way to film.
Jeff assigns the roles, 4 of us are in the pit (between the front row and the stage), 2 are on the balcony and 1 is among the people: I’m in the pit, great!

We go down to practise around the stage.

I enter the guitar area near the stage and I touch my favourite James’ guitar, the Ken Lawrence Explorer. As a guitar player I can say it was some kind of a magic moment.

Around 4pm Rob goes onstage and practises for more than half an hour. I’m there looking at him who’s playing for an audience of…7 people!

I go upstairs to take something to drink and when I return down I almost die: I come across James who’s just arrived. He goes onstage talking with Zach and Rob: now I can only imagine my face in that moment.

At about 5.15pm it’s Meet&Greet time. Jeff comes to pick me and other 2 filmers up and we go with about 15 winners of the M&G lottery.

The first is Rob, really in a hurry: he has an interview with Dainis, one of us filmers. He tells me he was searching “some good sounds” onstage before.

Then it’s Kirk’s moment, he’s very nice but fast too. Just few words with him.

Few minutes and Lars arrives, he’s the fun made person. He stays there a lot of time, dancing on a Mastodon’s song, joking and smiling.
I tell him that I’m really proud to be in his hometown to film the show and he answers that he’s sure I’ll do a good job.
He laughs when I say him I want to visit the house where he lived (“the fertility clinic”). Then, seeing that he has a necklace similar to the one he lost in Madrid, I ask him if he has found it and he tells me that unfortunately that one is gone.
Lars is great, that’s all!

James kept us waiting a bit, but fuck, he’s James!!
He recognizes the t-shirt I’m wearing (ZonaMetallica Italian Local Chapter) and he asks me if I were in Rome or Milan. He seems really happy, talking a lot and making strange faces in the photos. The man really has a strong handshake!

After the M&G, we go back for the dinner. We’re beginning in less than a hour! John is there with the empty cameras and the setlist of the concert, to let us know particular moments like moving coffins or pyros.

At the beginning of Heavy Metal Thunder John tells us to go around the stage filming the crowd. It’s incredible, they are all shouting and for one time in my life I’m on the other side!!
We meet at a corner of the stage to begin the recordings. Lights go down and Ecstasy begins. I’m excited as hell!!!
Show begins: Life, Line, Creep and all the others. During the concert someone throw me something hot, hope it was only water.
Kirk and Rob are sweating a lot and I have a shower eheh.

The show is great, the band is in perfect shape. It seems that they are still becoming better and better as the years pass by.
During Seek there are a lot of beach balls coming from everywhere and I try to film the better I can, although I’m hit by balls and called by the people in the front row who want the picks fallen on the ground.

The concert is finished and I give the camera back to John. We go upstairs again and we have a sit, talking with Vicky and all the others. They give us a mountain of picks and we divide them.
I take a photo with John and the other filmers.

Sadly it’s time to say goodbye to the great crew members, I really hope to meet tham again.

I go to the fridge to take another coke and I meet James who is searching for an icecream, really cool!
Going down I meet Rob too and talk with him again for few seconds before he goes.

It’s time to return to the hostel, I’m for sure one of the happiest people on the planet tonight! Thank you Metallica, thank you MetClub!

3rd day – July, 23rd

I wake up early, have a shower and go out, it’s raining.
I go to a station and I take a train to Gentofte, I want to see the house which once was Lars’. Now it’s a sperm bank.

I arrive in Gentofte and I discover that I’m not on the right way, the street (Lundevangsvej, 12) is in Hellerup. Have to go back then.
The house is not far from the Hellerup station, I take some photos there and I come across few doubtful glances from the people who see me taking photos at a fertility clinic.

I take the train again and I go visiting the Kastellet, a nice park where the famous Little Mermaid of Copenhagen is located.

Finally I go to Christiania, a city in the city, all alternative and free.

Around 3pm I meet 3 Danish friends known the first night and we go for a Carlsberg and to see the most populated area of the city.

In this zone there’s the hotel where Metallica members are staying, it’s not what you can call a “bad place” to stay.

It’s 7.40pm when I fly back to Italy.

I’d like to spend few very brief lines to talk about the amazing people I had the pleasure to know.

I’ll begin from the clubbers I met the first night. You guys totally rock! Thank you for the nice time, for the Carlsberg and the Danish shot.
I hope to meet you again at some show and I hope you’ll be on the dvd.

Now, the filmers. I really enjoyed staying with you, thank you for all the speeches and for being part of this day.

Special mention must go to the Metallica crew.
Jeff, Vicky (really the most adorable woman in the world), Erik, Kat, Dennis, Filip, John and the others are so cool, that’s all. It would take an entire site to describe them properly. Metallica is the greatest band in the world and for sure they have the greatest crew too!

On July 22nd a dream bigger than the ones I had came true, thank you! ‘Tallica for life!

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