Chloe Trujillo speaking to Harvester of Sofia: Without the fans we wouldn’t be here


I’ve seen probably more than hundreds of Metallica shows, but I still get the goose bumps when they play, says Rob’s wife

Robert Trujillo’s wife Chloe is one of his best inspirations since he became a part of Metallica. Here is what she said in interview for the Bulgarian local chapter Harvester of Sofia:

2013 will be 10 years since you joined the Metallica family. How this has reflected  your lives?
Well it’s been an awesome journey so far! During that time we also had 2 children and got married, so a lot has happened for us both personally as well. With Metallica, it’s been such a great experience you know, and for me, I must say as I witness how much work there is behind all of this “machine” that is Metallica, it is a serious inspiration!

You’re a very versatile artist – you’re a musician, a painter and you make handmade scarves. What are the factors that inspire you to create?
I was born having all this extra creativity wanting to express itself…when I was taking care of my children when they were babies for example, and didn’t have much time to create, I was waking up in the morning with anxiety knots in my stomach…really bad. I would go crazy I think if I couldn’t let my creativity flow…I take everything as a source of inspiration, but it comes mostly from within, or let’s call it the “Source”, because that is where it all generates from, the All-knowing Source accessible through quiet inner quest…it’s unlimited

Your music is a lot different than your husbands’. Have you ever wanted to make a project with him, or let’s say to participate in Metallica song?
Our first song together was the recording of “the Torture never stops” a Frank Zappa cover, I invited Robert to play the bass on it, and it was wonderful to work together!! He played some bass on 2 songs of my upcoming album, and that was exciting too!! I would love to collaborate with him when the time comes of course!!And of course participate in a Metallica song would be the bestest of the bestest…like my daughter would say, but I’m not sure they really need me? Ha ha!! Who knows?

Do you like to be at the band’s concerts? What do you think of the atmosphere and the crowd?
I love being at the Metallica concert!!!It’s such great energy!!! There is such a chemistry between everybody, and I’m talking about the band member, the crew and the audience…everyone is part of it!!  It’s so uplifting and even if I’ve seen probably more than hundreds of shows, I still get the goose bumps when they play you know? It’s amazing!

What are your relations with the wives of the rest of the guys? Do your children get along with the other kids?
Oh yes, like I said it’s like a big family!!Especially in the summer, when the kids are out of school, we all get together and play!! Really, it’s funny how the backstage area turns into a big play ground! Toys, games, kids cartoons, splash pool, all of that. And yes, I also get together with the wives, we hike, we have food together, meet on vacation, etc…

Are you often stopped by fans when you walk on streets? Is it annoying or you like the love of the fans? Do you have some remembering story with fans?
Yes we get stopped of course. I have a funny story , one time Robert and I were having a romantic dinner together and this one fan came up to him and talked his ear off for about 25 minutes meanwhile I had his booty in my face…literally…not so pleasant…But usually fans are respectful. It’s funny, now I get my fans too sometimes and I tell you, it is a great feeling when you touch people on such a deep level!!! So without the fans we wouldn’t be here!! Fans are awesome!! When someone is fan of your art, music or any creation of yours, it just fills your heart you know ? It just makes all your efforts feel worthy!! It’s the best reward of all knowing that somebody “gets” what you are doing. And aren’t we all fans of something or someone anyway?

Do you remember the first time you met Rob? Was it love at first sight or the feelings came afterwards?
I met Robert in 1991 you know and we were friends for about 13 years before anything intimate happened between us…And it all happened naturally, that’s the best part! Maybe it’s the secret for long lasting relationships? I don’t know, but I have some pictures from the 90’s of us dancing and drinking together, fond memories and had no clue back then he was going to be my husband and the father of my children…Life is amazing!

When two people are together they’re influenced by each other. How did Rob’s presence reflected to your artwork? What kind of things were you painting before you met him for example?
I feel that my art has evolved over the years, I did a lot of work on myself and also learned to listen carefully at this inner voice of mine, so of course Robert being part of my life is an influence, but I stay true to myself at the same time. He inspires me to be the best I can be and I try to do be that same inspiration for him, we both work hard and exchange ideas and opinions. Most of all, Robert is teaching me to enjoy life ! I tend to take things too seriously….

What is your favorite food? How’s the cooking at home?
We eat very healthy at home, once in a while I will prepare a full dinner with tons of different dishes, but my specialties are the dressings and sauces- salads, roasted or sautéed veggies, homemade pizza, croissants in the morning…Robert’s specialty is making sandwiches!!!And tortillas!! Believe me , he’s good!!

Do know the length of yours and Rob’s hair together?
Ha I don’t know…probably around 220 cm or something? Just guessing…

We know you and Rob are water sport fans, what kind of winter sports do you like?
Snowboarding for sure!! And more skiing for me unless there’s powder. We also take the kids ice-skating, that’s tons of fun!
Otherwise I dance and we both do yoga a lot.

You are originally from Paris, does this fact reflects to the decision where to live? Where do you currently live?
We live in Los Angeles. Robert’s birth place. Coming from Paris, this is such a change of pace, from a high energetic city to a more mellow one. Not saying that people don’t work hard here, I know I do… but it sure helps to have the sun shining almost every day!!!When I remember getting up in the freezing-foggy-dark morning to catch the train to go to school or work facing an unhappy-depressed, aggressive and rushing crowd , I surely don’t miss that part. You learn to build a wall of protection around yourself. I miss the culture and the history of Europe though, being constantly exposed to art, architecture and ideas , it’s part of who I am too…but I am lucky enough to go back at least once a year for work/holidays and take the kids along. They are both fluent in French and Spanish, and English of course, so it’s important they keep it up!

Do your kids show any artistic talents? Are you going to guide them to pursue a carrier as artists or you’re going to let them choose their own path?
Our daughter is an amazing artist!!!You would not believe!! Even all her teachers are blown away by her talent! She will get up in the morning and before anything else she sits and draws until she has to get ready for school. She can draw for hours and hours…she’s only 6! And our boy is 8 , he is an amazing musician, he plays bass of course, he writes songs and he is the youngest member of the school’s rock band! He also plays amazing drums ( every morning at hum 7…)And guitar!! He has incredible timing-he’s been playing since he was 2.
We let them be who they want to be, we are not forcing anything, as long as they learn their reading and writing and math…

How do you prepare for Christmas? Do you have any special traditions? What presents do you want from Santa for this year?
We usually have a big family dinner, 20-30 of us, we enjoy this moment together , exchange presents as a sign of gratitude and dance.

What are your plans (artistic wise) for the close future?
Wow, I’ve been painting a lot of surfboards, so would love to organize a touring show to exhibit/sell these. I am also about to release my album, looking forward to perform again!! And of course my fashion line, after the scarves, creating bags and maybe clothing …It’ll all be announced on my websites and as well as on my Chloe Trujillo Art facebook page!! Come join me there!!

In 2010 you were accompanying Rob to the show in Sofia, was this your first time in our country? Do you know anything about Bulgaria? Would you say something special to the members of HOS?
Yes!!! I wish we had stayed longer to visit!! I would have loved to visit the Cathedral and the Museum…Next time for sure! Maybe you can take me??The crowd was awesome during the show, the people I talked too were all so nice! I have many Bulgarian friends who live here in the US telling me about their country…The Metallica schedule is so tight, that sometimes it’s just going to the venue, meet and greet, press and play the show, fly right after to the next city…
HOS members keep on rockin’!!!! I saw you guys out there during the show!!! Crazy!! Sending you much love from LA!! XX Chloe

Rob and Harvester of Sofia members

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