Ron Quintana to Harvester of Sofia: Metallica owes it’s huge success only to the luck


The famous heavy metal promoter and DJ talks to the official Bulgarian Metclub chapter

Ron Quintana is a famous for thinking out the name “Metallica”. In 1981 he asks his friend Lars Ulrich what would be the best title for his new heavy metal fanzine – “Metal Mania” or “Metallica”. Ulrich suggests the first one as the better only because he likes more the second and wants to keep it as a name for his new band. Here is what Ron said in an interview for  Harvester of Sofia:

What was the first Metallica song you heard and when? What did you think?
I played the hell out of the Metal Massacre LP with them on it and loved it

Do you remember your first time when you saw the band live and hоw was concert?
They were a lot of fun

Have you ever thought in 82-84, that Metallica will become one of the most influential bands in the history of rock music?
no, even up to ’86 we thought they might only be a local band

Do you still keep in touch with the boys from the band?
I talk to each of them every year

Do you keep anything valuable from those first concerts – flayer, poster,Lars’s sticks, underwear …?
I Keep everything especially those early flyers, but sold Yong Metal attack shirt for rent once

Do you think that rock and metal word would be so popular nowadays without the appearance of Metallica?
i dont know…

What the band owes its huge success over the years. The talent of the musicians, the sense of music, Lars’s management or something else?

What is Metallica personally for you? Did Metallica change your life in some way?
They’re friends I was proud to help because they really were good guys before Napster crap…

Do you know something about Bulgaria?
I always wondered what Bulgaria was like as I love history, but in 1982 Americans like me only traveled as far east as Greece and Italy and Austria, I wanted to visit Romania and Bulgaria and other Eastern countries…maybe next time Im over there I make it to Sofia! Or Transylvania! or…..



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