Alan from Metalliheads: I know I shouldn`t get a taxi from the airport in Bulgaria


After short stop we are continue to represent famous and crazy Metallifans. This is Alan form Polish Metalliheads.

HOS: What is your name (nickname) and position it your local chapter?

Alan: Pawel ”Alan” I’m from Gdansk/Poland and I’m the chapterhead of Metalliheads.

HOS: When was the first time you have heard Metallica and which song?

Alan: First time in 1986, whole album ”Master of puppets”

HOS: Your favorite album or song? And explain why?

Alan: Favorite album -Master… and song Damage Inc.
It seems to me most important, symbolic, and became a pass for further popularity.
And why Damage? Because it seems to be the hardest one in the career of the band.

HOS: What is Metallica personally for you? Did Metallica change your life in some way?

Alan: Metallica certainly occupies an important part in my life, quite a lot of devoted time for concerto departures, quite a lot of money spent on enrichment-related collections to the band. It’s hard to tell whether something has changed in the life- it is the way it is and not other.
Maybe the fact that I‘ve met some interesting people with similar interests.
Wearing long hair for 20 years, and dozens of team T-shirts worn for every day…

HOS: When and where you have seen Metallica Live? Which one is your personal favorite? And how many concerts you want to see in the future?

Alan: Chorzow91, Warsaw99, Chorzow04, Prague04, Berlin06, Dublin06, Athens07, Wienna07, Oslo07, Stockholm07, Helsinki07; Chorzow08, Prague08, Sofia08, Berlin08
Every concert has its history, but I think the last one in Berlin, since it was only for members of the fan club, first, on which I was in the restricted area and it was held on the day of the newest CD premiere. In the future I would like to see even as much as possible.

HOS: Where are the craziest Metallica fans you’ve ever met?

Alan: It is hard to define the craziest fan. Because whether somebody saw more concerts or whether he has the larger collection depends on the affluence of the wallet.
Fans come from the different directions of the world and for example the fan from Copenhagen had an opportunity of seeing 5 concerts in one week without the heavy expenditure apart from tickets but for somebody from the small pocket on the ocean the travel for one performance can be a travel of the life.

HOS: Have you ever met some of the guys in person and what was the first thing in you mind when you saw them?

Alan: I’ve met the band’s members 3 times overall.
Once In Warsaw during St.Anger promotion, once on meet&greet in Prague and the last time in front of a hotel in Poland.
Unfortunately, nervousness is always and not enough time. It ends up on several sentences, taking photos and autographs.

HOS: You must explain what is Metallica to you`re 5 year old kid, how will you do that?

Alan: I think that 5 year old child is too small for this kind of music and conversation.

HOS: When did you join the MetClub and when was born the idea for the local chapter?

Alan: I entered the fan club in the spring of 2003, frankly I’ve planned this much earlier but unfortunately the credit cards weren’t so readily available so I did not have the possibility of donation. Also the access to the Internet was very limited. The idea of creating the charter came up in 2006.

HOS: What is the main purpose of your local chapter?

Alan: The aim of a chapter is to create a group of fans who travel together for concerts, exchange various collector gadgets as well as information on matters related to the team.

HOS: What attendances do you give for the local chapter for its development and popularization and for all members of your local chapter?

Alan: So far, beside the concerts, there were 2 chapter meetings. Certainly the problem is that some of our members work abroad and the rest of them live apart each other around 500-700 km. Our flag from Sick of the Studio is placed in HQ; we also designed some club T-shirts and pens on the occasion of the European Vacation Tour.

You may find it curious, but we don’t care to have as many members as possible; for us the most important thing is to create an intimate and harmonious team.

After short stop we are continuig our article present famous and crazy Metallifans. This is Alan from Poland.

HOS: Do you know something for Bulgaria? Would you say something special to the members of HOS?

Alan: We had the opportunity to visit Bulgaria on the occasion of a concert in 2008. Unfortunately there wasn’t much time for sightseeing. You’ve got great vine and we already know, that we shouldn’t take the illegal taxi from the airport as it cost twice as much as the official one.

I had the opportunity to meet a few people from your charter; it was during a party held before the concert; I find them very friendly.You like alcohol too. I also had the opportunity to meet Marina, who helped us arrange tickets to the concert.

In capital, a large neglected block of flats has darted into eyes but I’m sure that, like Poland you’ll soon forget the era of communism and the living standard will improve. Greetings and see you at concerts in 2010.

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