PrincessVic from …and Jersey for All: Lars is my Little Danish Muffin


To attend a Metallica show in 1986 is the biggest unrealizable dream of everyone of us, but to make more then 50 concerts is the thing that every single one of us gently jealous…This is one small part of the story of another guest of ours. Today we have the pleasure to present you  Victoria – PrincessVic – from USA, the Chapter of …and Jersey f All find them also on MySpace.

HOS: What is your name (nickname) an.posi.nmtion it your local chapter?

PrincessVic: My name is PrincessVic. I’m from planet earth. Military parents so i’ve moved a lot. I’m the chapter head of And Jersey for All.

HOS: When was the first time you have heard Metallica and which song?

PrincessVic: The first time I heard Metallica was in 1986. I was in the band practice room at my high school. K.C. was singing this song. He was totally in my face… “you will do what I say, when I say, back to the front.. you coward, you servant, you blind man.. back to the front.” I thought he was hysterical. I also thought he made it up. He was that clever! But alas, no. He explained it was a song by a band named Metallica. He put on cassette for me Whiplash and Ride the Lightning and on the other side of the cassette Master of Puppets. I’ve been hooked ever since!

HOS: Your favorite album or song? And explain why?

PrincessVic: My favorite album is Master of Puppets. Whenever I am mad or angry or down or depressed or stressed, I put on this album and it calms me down. It mellows me out. It helps me center and focus. Songs? Right now it’s Broken, Beat, and Scarred. I’ve taken a job in the United Arab Emirates.

It’s a muslim country and very, very foreign. I’m not handling the change very well as it’s totally against every thing I believe in. They don’t have the same morals or values I have and it’s hard to adjust. So I’ve listened a lot to Broken, Beat, and Scarred – Wot don’t kill ya makes ya more strong!!!

HOS: What is Metallica personally for you? Did Metallica change your life in some way?

PrincessVic: Metallica is life for me. My live revolves around Metallica – the music, the tours, the people. 95% of my friends I’ve met thru Metallica. Some of my best friends in the world, people I trust with my life, I’ve met thru Metallica. I’ve traveled the world on Metallica tours – so I’ve seen tons of places I wouldn’t go if it weren’t for Metallica! Even if Metallca stop making albums and stop touring – I’d miss the friendships on the road, and the watching the sunrise in foreign countries with mates, and just that sense of belonging to something bigger and better than myself. I’d miss the people!!!

HOS: When and where you have seen Metallica Live? Which one is your personal favorite? And how many concerts you want to see in the future?

PrincessVic: I’ve seen Metallica 48 times in about 11 different US states and five different countries. My first show was in Wisconsin in 1984. The last one (so far) was in Dublin 2009. Hard to say which is my favourite…? Meadowlands – Aloha Friday, where my chapter wore Hawaiian shirts on the rail (as it was a Friday show after the whole JITS thing), The AJFA Metallioctoberfest – they played 2 shows in Philly, DC, and 2 shows in Boston – we had a caravan of cars going to the gigs!! The show in Anchorage Alaska where one of the speakers caught on fire. I looked up saw the smoke. Looked at James. He looked at me. We both looked up. He stopped playing. LOL that was a moment!

HOS: Where are the craziest Metallica fans you’ve ever met?

PrincessVic: Those DAMN SWEDES!!!!! Especially when they go to Denmark (Roskilde) for a show!! Always a crazy good time with the Swedes! They sing loud, sometimes obnoxious, very drunk, but always have a smile on their face and willing to share.

HOS: Have you ever met some of the guys in person and what was the first thing in you mind when you saw them?

PrincessVic: I’ve met all the Metallica guys except cliff. The first time I met James I was quite intimidated. Totally struck wide eyed and silent. LOL The next times I’ve met him it’s been better. More relaxed. I totally love Lars! He’s my little Danish Muffin! He’s a charmer. I always have a good conversation with him. He makes me giggle. With Kirk I’m always respectful and will keep my distance. I heard he doesn’t like to be touched, so I am mindful. The first time I met him he wore heavy black leather gloves and really didn’t want to be bothered meeting people. I could tell he was uncomfortable. The next time, he actually reached out and gave me a hug for our picture! Rob *drool* Rob ALWAYS smells nice. He’s got the nicest smell of any man I’ve ever met! He even smells good AFTER work. LOL And his hair is shiny silky black! It just gleans! Rob is megacool! Very nice and down to earth.

HOS: You must explain what Metallica is to you`re 5 year old kid, how will you do that?

PrincessVic: I tell kids – this is Metallica. It’s good stuff! Good music. Good times. You listen. It will make you a better person!

HOS: When did you join the MetClub and when was born the idea for the local chapter?

PrincessVic: I joined in 1998. It was my sister’s idea. She had joined the Dave Matthews Band fan club and I wondered if Metallica had one too. She found it for me and I signed up. The Local Chapter – And Jersey for All came about in 2002. I was the co-chapter head. When the chapter head went ghost (MIA) I took over the chapter.

HOS: What is the main purpose of your local chapter?

PrincessVic: To eat!!! No seriously. We do a lot of eating. It’s our main focus. To eat! We like to eat.

HOS: What attendances do you give for the local chapter for its development and popularization and for all members of your local chapter?

PrincessVic: We get together for shows. Tailgate (show up at venue early to hang out and EAT!!!). Have Christmas parties. Ice Skating in Wollman Rink during the winter. Random movie night; either at the theatre or at someone’s house. I’m bored so lets go out and do something nights. We just generally like to hang out with each other even if it’s not Metallica related. We also support each other in our personal lives. If someone needs something, we lend a hand.

HOS: Do you know something for Bulgaria? Would you say something special to the members of HOS?

PrincessVic: Keep it Metal, Bulgaria!!!!!! Ya’ll always have a sister chapter with AJFA!!! You are more than welcome in Jersey! We’ll feed you!

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» Victoria said: { Mar 1, 2010 - 02:03:04 }

Sorry for my typos. I saw my first show in 1986 not 1984. You’d think I’d be better with the maths. LOL Met were opening for Ozzy at the time. Sorry about that.

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