Oli from St. Germany sighs for the good old 3-hours shows


Oli is our next Metallica fan guest. He is chapterhead of German local chapter St. Germany, which beginning dates back in the year of 2000.

HOS: What is your name (nickname) and position it your local chapter?

Oli: My name is Oli (munisweg) I’m from Sonthofen- Germany, since 08/2008 I’m the chapterhead of St. Germany.

HOS: When was the first time you have heard Metallica and which song? Your favorite album or song? And explain why?

Oli: It was February 1987 I listened to a tape from a friend – battery. A few days earlier they played in my hometown… damn
Death Magnetic is really cool and my all time- favorite album. Best Song is Orion for me. Great vibe, Cliff pure.

HOS: When and where you have seen Metallica Live? Which one is your personal favorite? And how many concerts you want to see in the future?

-I’ve seen Metallica about 14 times
Stuttgart ’88
M?nchen ’91
Stuttgart Nov ’92
Stuttgart Dez ’92
Mannheim ’93
Stuttgart ’96
Stuttgart ’97
M?nchen ’04
N?rnberg ’06
Wien ’07
Switzerland ’08
Berlin ’08
M?nchen ’09
Stuttgart ’09

My personal favorite was the Stuttgart show in 2009. What a blast!
I hope to see the guys as often as possible.

HOS: Where are the craziest Metallica fans you’ve ever met?

Oli: I met a group of really crazy French fans in 93, traveled through Europe via auto-stop. No hotels, no flights… hardcore

HOS: Would you take the offer to work for Metallica if they ask you to?

Oli: Hell Yeah! That would be awesome…a dream comes through.

HOS: If it was up to you what would you change in the live performance of Metallica?

Oli: Do you remember the 3 hour shows? haha, no I like the way they put those little gems in the setlists. (They need to play Eye of the Beholder again) 😉

HOS: When did you join the MetClub and when was born the idea for the local chapter?

Oli: I joined the Metclub first in 1995. St. Germany was founded in 2003. The idea was born after a couple German fans met at PPM and noticed that the chapter world in Germany needs a little kick.

HOS: What is the main purpose of your local chapter?

Oli: Having fun, keep the Metalliworld in Germany connected…

HOS:What attendances do you give for the local chapter for its development and popularization and for all members of your local chapter?

Oli: We wanna be a home base for the German Metallica fans. The most activity happens on our message board, a new homepage is up and running. We have a annual chapter meeting at the last weekend of august (chapter founding time in 2003) and a lot of competitions and stuff like that.

HOS: Do you know something for Bulgaria? Would you say something special to the members of HOS?

Oli: I know you have some nice places for a vacation at the Black Sea. I hope to see some of you guys out on the road, having a great time during some Club Events or standing at the rail together during a Tallica show!

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