Vladimir from Metallica.ru: When I was 15 I`ve met James and completely lost my mind!


Russia is a big country with a lot of Metallica fans! Each one of us have seen those memorable show back in 1991. So…our next guest was not there…but he was on many other shows… Meet Vladimir form the Russian Local Chapter – Metallica.ru.

HOS: What is your name (nickname) and position it your local chapter?

Vladimir: Hey, my name is Vladimir. I live in Moscow, Russia. I’m just a regular member of Metallica.ru chapter.

HOS: When was the first time you have heard Metallica and which song? Your favorite album or song? And explain why?

Vladimir: I think it was in 94, when I heard Unforgiven on radio. Shortly after I’ve bought Black Album tape and this is how I became a fan.
Justice, hands down. I get blown away every time I listen to that record. I like everything about it – the production, the rawness, complexity of songs, drum parts especially, lyrics and James’ vocals. Being a fan of technical side of music, this album is perfect for me.

HOS: When and where you have seen Metallica Live? Which one is your personal favorite? And how many concerts you want to see in the future?

Vladimir: First show was in 99 in Kiev, Ukraine. I didn’t go to any shows until Estonia in 2006 though. But after that I’ve been to few shows here and there – Finland, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, Belgium, USA… 20 shows overall. Favorite show was the first one, obviously. Other favorites are Tallin 06 (for entire MOP), Moscow 07 and Bologna 08. I’m seeing as many shows in 2010 as possible, and we’ll see what happens next!

HOS: Where are the craziest Metallica fans you’ve ever met?

Vladimir: Italians! These guys are insane. I totally love their country, their culture, their way of life and their VOICES. They know how to sing at Met show!!!

HOS: Have you ever met some of the guys in person and what was the first thing in you mind when you saw them?

Vladimir: I’ve met James and Jason in 99 when I was 15. I completely lost my mind when I saw James so I barely said a word to him. My memories from that M&G are very blurry.
I also had a chance to meet the band in Moscow and it was a great experience I will never forget. It was amazing to see how respectful these guys are for their fans, really inspiring.

HOS: You must explain what is Metallica to you`re 5 year old kid, how will you so that?

Vladimir: I tried once. I’ve put on Ride the Lightning CD to 5-6 year son of my parents’ friends. And the first track was FFWV. I guess the kid won’t be listening to music any time soon, so probably I’m not the best person to ask that question :)

HOS: Would you take the offer to work for Metallica if they ask you to?

Vladimir: It’s a tough question. Depends on what kind of work and if it’s paid well! It’s not like I’ve got nothing to loose! :)

HOS: Are you a member of the MetClub ?(if you are tell me when did you join the metclub)

Vladimir: Yes I am. I’ve been in the club from 97 to 99, and then I didn’t renew until 2004 (or was it 2005?).

HOS: Do you know something for Bulgaria? Would you say something special to the members of HOS?

Vladimir: In times of USSR Bulgaria was like a paradise for soviet people, so I really wanted to visit it when I was a kid :) And I still want, to this day! Hope I will do it next June for Sonisphere in Sofia. Of all Slavic nations, I think Bulgaria is closest to Russians (well except for Ukrainians and Belorussians obviously!), so it should be very interesting!

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