Shub of Whipping Dancerz: Metallica are semi-gods but still they are humble and generous


Our next crazy Metallica fan guest  is Shub from France and the French Whipping Dancerz. He confess that know nothing about Bulgaria, be he would accept if someone invites him…We hope that Summer, 2010 we will have a reason to do that…

HOS: What is your name (nickname), where are you from and position it your local chapter?

Shub: Shub, 27yo, I come from Troyes, a medieval city in the middle of Champagne area (cheers !), France. I used to be the link between Margaret from MetClub of French Local Chapter Metal Monster. Now, I’m a simple member in one of the other French Chapter, Whipping Dancerz. I stopped because sometimes, life takes choice for you. I was chapterhead since 2006. The nick “Shub” comes from “ShubNiggurath”, one of Lovecraft’s deity, a good friend of Ktulu ! lol

HOS: When was the first time you have heard Metallica and which song?

Shub: 1992’s Freddie Mercury Tribute on television. I had already a foot in the Metal world thanks to my sister, big G’n’R fan at the time, but seeing the energy of our guys on stage playing “Sandman” was huge. Anyway, my first album was “Load”, and something special happened with this album. I mean, I was quite disappointed because of the absence of lyrics in the booklet -I love to read them listening albums, just to be in total communion with the band, still nowadays. As a result of the lack of words (be aware I was just 14 and didn’t understand english as well as today), I didn’t listen it as often as I would. But I still remember that one night, I looked at a picture of James on my wall and swear to him that soon, I’d fall in love with his music. I was right, I’m still here !

HOS: Your favorite album or song? And explain why?

Shub: Quite hard to answer.. Maybe “Ride the Lightning” for the album.. Really don’t know why.. Maybe because it is the first album with references (such as Hemingway, Lovecraft or Ten Commandments as you know.) et profoundness in words. “Kill em All” is great, but lyrics are naive. I have to make a choice anyway, so I’m ok with “RTL”. All of them are great anyway !
Concerning the song I prefer.. It is an even hardest choice.. I’d say “Master of Puppet” which is a good combination of Metallica : Riffs, speed, rage, dark theme, but also solos and slow stuff. Everyone should bow to this masterpiece, not only Metalheads, but also Music fans.
Each album has at least one masterpiece (yeah ! Even St Anger and ReLoad ! :) )

HOS: What is Metallica personally for you? Did Metallica change your life in some way?

Shub: They are my biggest passion. It is thanks to Metallica’s albums that I am what I am. Most of the things I do or read or know are linked to’em : I travel for them, I read books that inspired ’em just to know their sources, stuff like that. Their words come to me when I’m in special moods, they give me strength when I’m not ok. It is so more than a Metal band. They are semi-gods but still they are humble and generous. I’m proud to be part of this amazing family.

HOS: When and where you have seen Metallica Live? Which one is your personal favorite? And how many concerts you want to see in the future?

Shub: Paris (FR) Bercy 2003
Paris (FR) Parc des Princes 2004
Arnheim (NL) Gelredome 2006
London (UK) Wembley Stadium 2007
Arras (FR) Grand Place 2008
London (UK) O2 Arena 2008
Paris (FR) Bercy 2009
Paris (FR) Bercy 2009
N?mes (FR) Ar?nes Antiques 2009

My favorite is Wembley. Really wonderful crowd, setlist and place. Especially “Memory Remains” and “Justice”.. But, the 2nd Bercy this years was also huge, with Biff Byford from Saxon on stage, or N?mes, with the upcoming DVD as a souvenir.
Next years, they may come back to France for 4 or 5 dates. I just wait for the official announcement to buy tickets. If I can be part of all of them, I will ! Maybe I’d come to Bulgaria if one of you invite me ! (just kidding ! don’t be afraid)

HOS: Where are the craziest Metallica fans you’ve ever met?

Shub: Several French members want to own every piece of Metallica history, every edition of every singles, everything avalaible at the MetStore and go to most of gigs. I personnaly think it is too much, but every one leaves his passion the way he wants.

HOS: Have you ever met some of the guys in person and what was the first thing in you mind when you saw them?

– I haven’t. I try Meet’n’Greet contest when I can but always lost for now. I’m not the kind of fan standing in front of their hotel to have something signed. If one day I win M’n’G (or see them at a pizzeria just like one of my fellow saw Rob one day), I think I’d be like “Oh my God here they are.. Ok I must speak clearly, slowly and not die during the next 10 minutes” When I know I win, I think I’d prepare several sentences in my mind not to be a prick in front of them. We’ll see, and maybe I’ll write to you once it is done !

HOS: You must explain what is Metallica to you`re 5 year old kid, how will you so that?

Shub: “You know son.. It is something that you may still not understand, and in a way it is better. Because once you are aware of what this band really represents, you will never be the same. Don’t listen to them because your daddy does, but when you are ready to be part of this, be sure you’ll feel it.. Now, eat you cake, brush your teeth and go to sleep my love” (Yes, I think my son will be a genius capable of understand that type a words..)

HOS: When did you join the MetClub and when was born the idea for the local chapter?

Shub: I joined it as soon as I had enough money. So 2003 is the year. I bought several things from it but I must say I don’t visit this site very often (3 or 4 times a month). I try contest but always lost. But it is great if you want to be sure to have ticket for the show you want.The Local Chapter is based on the idea to offer the most precise biography, discography and news to the French fans.

HOS: What is the main purpose of your local chapter?

Shub: The same as the last sentence of the question above. And to reunite the French family so we could meet each others or help each others at / for a gig. I must say I’ve visited HoS after your mail, and looks rich and interesting. I like your itw with Mciver.

HOS: Do you know something for Bulgaria? Would you say something special to the members of HOS?

Shub: I’m ashamed.. But I don’t know your country really well. It is eastern from France (of course ! lol) You are part of UE for 2 years.. I’m sure you have some beautiful landscapes and wonderful girls (or boys but I care less lol). It is really one of the country I want to visit during my life, it is certainly very interesting.
To your members.. I’d say “Bonjour !” That is great having the same passion. Maybe we’ll see each other at a future event ! Contact me if you want to try a show here in France and we’ll share a beer !

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