Tanya: Metallica is something personal which nobody can take away from me


In the beginning of the new 2010 we present you a very special person. Tanya is from Bulgaria but lives in London for many years. During the last couple of years some of us met her in personal and we can say that she is very pretty and a cool friend too. We are proud with her because she visits lots of Metallica shows and helps us to make HOS popular.

-HOS: What is your name (nickname), where are you from and position it your local chapter?

-My name is Tanya, I am from Bulgaria.

-HOS: When was the first time you have heard Metallica and which song?

-The first time was in 1988, it was Master of Puppets.

-HOS: Your favorite album or song? And explain why?

-It’s Master of Puppets, album and song. That was the album which got me in to Metallica, great selection of songs, amazing lyrics.

-HOS: What is Metallica personally for you? Did Metallica change your life in some way?

-Metallica is a huge part of my life. Thanks to it I became more confident (we all know how); I think of Metallica as something personal which nobody can take away from me.

-HOS: When and where you have seen Metallica Live? Which one is your personal favorite? And how many concerts you want to see in the future?

19.12.2003-Earls Court
20.12.2003-Earls Court
02.03.2009- London
02.08.2009-Knebworth, England

-Can’t really say which one is my favorite, they were all great. I want to see as many more shows as possible. And to be honest right now I can’t get over the fact that I couldn’t manage to go to the american tour

HOS: Where are the craziest Metallica fans you’ve ever met?

-I am not sure. May be the Scandinavians

-HOS: Would you take the offer to work for Metallica if they ask you to?

-I am gonna have to say no, a few years back I would’ve love to. But now I just have too much going on. Also I rather be on the rail enjoying the show than doing the washing in the back.

-HOS: You must explain what is Metallica to your 5 year old kid, how will you do that?

-I would say ‘Listen Ron life is tough and therefore you need friends to go trough the bad times and share the good ones, Metallica can be your best friend, it will always be there for you and will never let you down, trust me, I know it for a fact. So I think it just about time you start discovering what it is all about. I have something for you, its an album called ‘Master of Puppets’ please listen to it as many times as you need and when you are ready we will move on to the next one.

-HOS: When did you join the MetClub?

-I joined the club in 2005; I’ve wanted to join years ago but couldn’t afford it.

-HOS: Would you say something special to the members of HOS?

-I think HOS rules and I am so proud to be a member. Keep rocking guys!

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