Trin at Charlottesville: One More Drumstick!!!


My friend Matt from the boards was coming down from Jersey to see the show. He hadn’t seen them since the Newark shows, so he was long overdue. There was torrents of rain pouring down all across New England so he took an extra hour trying to get to my apartment in DC. Al came over and waited for him with me. We had spent the ENTIRE night working on our posters. We did it double-sided like I did for my Newark shows. One side was for Gojira and the other was for Metallica. Gojira didn’t have a whole lot of love this tour, especially this night in Charlottesville, so we wanted to give them some support. His posters I thought were better than mine. This was his for Gojira and Metallica: The last poster is an inside joke from the Metclub via the Metallitubbies, a video that Adam Dubin from the Year and a Half film made for the guys the night before the RNR HOF. I thought it was well done. I made my Metallica after he left. I spent an hour mulling over ideas that I thought would take too much effort yet were so amazingly brilliant. So I came up with these posters: Close to 11, Matt texts me saying he’s close to my area, only ten minutes away. I am looking at my Metallica poster and I’m like, “Something is totally missing. This is not complete. I NEED PHOTOS.” So I scramble through my stash of Lars photos, which by the way was fucking insanity because I have over 10K of them and they are not organized by era/show/year/hairline/expression yet, so it was a bitch and a half. I gave up after three minutes searching and went for what I could remember. Blabbermouth had an interview of Lars up on the website with this great photo from 2006 him in his hat pointing at the camera. So I used that one. And then I used my magazine cut out of him from Q Magazine (I bought two copies haha) where he is reclining in his private jet, haha. This is the updated version: I thought it was cute and simple yet not very creative. But it didn’t matter because it was done and Matt was two minutes away from the apartment. Time to go!


Matt pulls up near my hall and Al and I scramble to his car. We listened to Sirius radio along the way and ended up hearing Broken, Beat and Scarred twice haha. Matt and I were mostly awake while Al passed out in the back. The rain was pretty bad as we were driving but it soon disappeared once we were halfway to C-Ville.

On the way to the venue we only stopped twice. Once to get something from Dairy Queen because we were all starving and again to get Al’s ticket for the show from someone on Craigslist. It worked out great. There was also a winery/beer shop where we stopped the second time, so Al and Matt went to go get some booze, haha.

Our shitstorm didn’t end there. The second we got to the venue, things didn’t bode well for us. Everything for parking was pre-paid. The non-prepayers like us had to wait until 5 o’clock until the fucking parking opened. But since we were GA, that was way too late. Instead we took TourCamper (Brad)’s advice and we parked at the Econolodge across the street from the venue. There I met Andrew (Bagman) who sold me my Metclub GA ticket. He parked at the Econolodge too.

We walk to the southeast entrance and there we meet the non-metclubbers and the regular metclubbers. In line I meet this adorable nine-year-old Lars fanatic. He and his grandma came up from Charlotte to see the band and it was his first time seeing Metallica ever. He wanted to get a stick that night and I told him what to do and where to go. As a game I teased him saying, “Alright, let’s put you to the test!” I then quizzed him on Metallifacts, Lars facts and then lyrics. He passed of course with flying colors. I was so excited for him and basically hugged him a lot while we were waiting for the doors to open, and he was a typical nine-year-old who was like, “OMG EW GIRLS!!” So cute! It’s interesting to note that so far I’ve been a magnet to kids. First the thirteen-year-old at Tampa, now the nine-year-old in Charlottesville. KIDS LOVE ME THIS IS RIDICULOUS.


Unfortunately there were assholes at this show too. Someone in the line made fun of me for wanting to protect a little kid, let alone give him advice about the stage. “He should defend himself or get the hell away from the barricade!,” the asshole says, and I’m like, “Are you crazy? He’s nine!” I tried to ignore him by hanging out with the grandma and Andrew more, and I could tell by some glares that people didn’t like this dude either. While waiting, I also met up with my friend Matt from the Motorhead show a few weeks ago who told me he was coming to this show. He showed up at 10AM waiting forever only to be told he was at the wrong entrance and because people were nice, they let him go up in front with Al and Matt. (From this point on, this Matt will be known as Virgin Matt.)

So to my annoyance, the security outside of the arena was a bunch of idiots. They mixed us together, non-metclub and metclub. Now I’m used to this because really at shows, no one knows what the fuck to do with us GA people because they receive instruction too late. But what scared me is that ten minutes before the doors open, we were still mixed. Usually they separate us in someway before the deadline but not only did they not do that, but they let us in 15 minutes late. I handled the thing well though. I went ahead and pulled out my super-slick-fast-get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way skills of handling crowds and was able to get through the people ahead of me, get my ticket scanned, get to the door and gallop my way down the stairs to the floor right to the left-hand side of the stage.


Usually I go for the right-hand side of where Lars’s kit initially starts. This time I went for the left-hand side. Traditionally the left hand side of the stage has crowd surfers, moshers and drunk people who always like to ruin your shit. That’s not to say the others sides don’t have that, but there’s something about the left side of the stage where they just pop out of the woodwork and it’s annoying as shit. However Matt convinced me to give it a try. I wanted a change of pace anyway. I had done corner rail next to the door and I loved it. I had done corner rail on the opposite side of the door too. I had done right hand side of the stage in front of a Hetfield mic more than once. It was time for something different.

I held the fort down for a good fifteen minutes by spreading my legs as far as they could go– almost doing the splits. My thighs were burning like shit but I held it together alright so me, Matt, Al, Andrew and the Virgin Matt could get the rail. I kept this position because I’m mostly all legs rather than arms, so when people came over trying to take the spot I was like, “I AM NOT MOVING, GET BEHIND ME OR BESIDES ME GOT IT?” Eventually Andrew came down and he saw me basically with my legs wide open and was like, “Yo I can help out now,” and I was like, THANK YOU JESUS CHRISTO, and I kept closing my legs as Virgin Matt showed up, then eventually Al and Matt. My legs were just killing me by the time 6:30PM rolled around, haha. I also saw the little kid with his grandma get the spot I told them to get: behind Lars’s kit right in the middle. I waved to them and they waved back. I hoped they had a good time at the show.

When Al and Matt showed up they recapped to me what happened to them before they showed up at the rail to relieve me. Matt and Al had bought non-metclub GA because tickets to this show for floor were practically sold out in minutes. This is because the venue was hella small and the floor was very compact. Now remember how Metclub and non-Metclub were mixed? Well the non-Metclubbers were pushed to the side and made to wait on the wall while the Metclubbers were able to get up. The security there tried to take the non-Metclubbers to the original spot where Virgin Matt was at– on the other side of the damn building. Al, in true Masshole form, totally blew up and said, “YOU ARE NOT MAKING US GO OVER THERE, YOU’RE THE ONES WHO SCREWED UP AND DIDN’T KNO WHAT TO DO.” So they thankfully let them stay there. Not the end of the story, unfortunately.


Fifteen minutes later, they are able to enter. Just as they are about to get their tickets scanned, a woman security guard looked at Matt’s ticket and said, “You don’t have a hole in your ticket, you can’t go in.” Matt has a printed ticketmaster ticket from the web. The security guard hours ago said he could get in easy, no problem. Now this woman was telling him no. He was trying to explain the situation to her without raising his voice until she insisted that she couldn’t let him because he didn’t have a hole in his ticket. Matt of course blows up saying, “ARE YOU SERIOUS? DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE WENT THROUGH?!” Matt didn’t curse, he works in customer service so he trained himself to stop cursing– he himself hates it when people curse at him. But the lady didn’t care. Her response: “ONE MORE OUTBURST AND YOU’RE GETTING THROWN OUT OF THE BUILDING.” But thankfully, the security guard, the same from before, goes up to Matt with a pen and pokes a hole through his ticket. “He can pass,” he said, and Matt is like, THANK GOD, and Al and him sprinted down the stairs and find me at the rail.

After that, we calmed the fuck down. Things were finally good. We were on the rail, we had our spots, we made it!! First up was Gojira and me and Al of course went psychotic for the French men of metal. My friend Matt had never seen or heard them before and needless to say, once he saw Oroborous, his eyes popped out of his head and his jaw dropped. He also was in awe of the drummer Mario. Total win. Gojira LOVED us to death and favored us all night. We were the only ones with signs, haha. Joe, the lead singer and guitarist, threw the devil horns at us all night. I also got a Gojira pick finally. I’m sad they are no longer on the tour but now Volbeat takes their spot and I can’t wait to see them at Madison Square Garden.

Next up is Lamb of Suck– erm, Lamb of God. This was their hometown show since they’re originally from Richmond, the capital of Virginia which is about an hour outside C-Ville. The crowd was INSANELY loud for them. Out of the entire tour, this is, was and probably will be their strongest crowd for them. Usually I fall asleep on the rail with them, have done so since I first saw them in Fresno where it was also a strong LOG support crowd. I headbang during the first song, then the second song, third song… by the end of the third I’m falling asleep again. Fuck my life. Also some stupid pit broke out behind us like we were expecting. Some idiots were drinking behind us who were just there for LOG and a bit of Metallica, and they were smashing Metallica all night. I was like, siiiigh here we go. But then security showed up and warned them all, “If you mosh one more time, we’re kicking you out.” So thank god that got stopped. After that, there wasn’t any pit-breaking or moshing.


Halfway through LOG’s set me, Al and Matt got completely bored on the rail. We tried to stay respectful and alive, and they pretty much downgraded to just respect, lol. Matt was staring into space, my eyes were getting droopy, and Al was serial yawning. It was pretty bad. To boot there was this annoying woman on Al’s back who just kept screaming “RANDY! RANDY! LOG!” over and over again and pressed all over him and screamed into his ear and I swear I was gonna punch her. I was also going to punch the asshole that was pushing onto Matt’s back with a huge cup of beer in his hand.

Speaking of asshole’s, remember the one who shit on me for wanting to protect the nine-year-old? Well the LOG drummer noticed how crazy he was going for them and he threw him a stick. And just as the asshole was gonna get it, Matt leaps his arm out and catches it mid-air before the asshole even touches it. The drummer was so impressed he basically gave Matt a hearty clap. Needless to say, the asshole didn’t get a stick after that, haha. The guy looked pissed but there was nothing he could do since he was too far down on the line and there was an obvious crush behind him. That’s karma, bitch!

Back to us on the rail. We’re falling asleep. It’s pretty damn horrible. We’re like *yawn* in classic Lars fashion. One of the guitarists, Willie, had noticed Matt’s catch and he came over to us during this one song I have no idea about the name. But he was surprised to see that we looked totally bored. My good friend Kady had said that Willie was the absolute coolest of LOG and that night proved it to me. Willie was not deterred by our obvious bordeom. He comes up to us and says, “HEY YOU!” while playing, and we’re all like, “Whaaaa.” He then mimicks sleep by putting his head on one of his hands and we’re like, “… *nod*” Then he hooks a thumb over his shoulder and says, “GO HOME THEN!” We then point to our respective Metallica Metclub shirts and shake our heads no. Willie goes, “Ahhh, respectable, it’s cool!” Then, for the rest of the song, Willie doesn’t leave. He stays in front of us and coaxes us to at least headbang. An absolutely charming dude! Hilarious too!! Randy the lead singer had passed us and Willie by, and he asked us, “Did you hear that?” and we said, “Nope!” and he said, “Same here!” LOL! What an awesome dude. After the song ended, he was like, “How was that?” Matt shouted, “GOOD, THANKS!” and Willie was like, “Alright!!” For the rest of LOG’s set we would always rock out in front of Willie, then settled down whenever anyone else came. I swear, I think if all of LOG had the attitude of Willie and would work Clubbers like us into their music rather than just making half-hearted attempts to getting the crowd into their stuff, then I think I would be more of an LOG fan.


Then it was time for the main event, the reason we drive two and a half hours (five hours for poor Matt): Metallica!! Show starts a few minutes after 9:10PM. I’m so glad I have Metclub friends because we just know ALL the cues and people just follow us, haha. We sung Ecstasy on top of our lungs, clapped along to Life’s intro, sung the intro of Life during the lasers… so fucking epic. There was no crush, no moshing, no crowd surfers. It was absolutely brilliant.

Needless to say I fell in LOVE being on the left-hand side of the stage and I think for both MSG shows I will do the same. Vegas I will do the opposite and start behind Lars’s kit (a couple clubbers and I want to make a rail-long banner for Metallica to take, since we know the regulars will be on the usual spot where Lars faces initially). San Jose I have no damn clue, haha. But I just LOVED being on the left-hand side of Lars’s kit. Right after the lights came on after Life, I held up my sign and sure enough, he found it! Pointed right at me and smiled wide. Then he just looked RIGHT at us, Matt me and Al, during End of the Line and sung with us too. We air-drummed along and I cannot express how amazing it was to share those moments with him. Right after End of the Line was Creeping Death, and nothing gave me such joy but air-drumming that song with my Lars-brother-in-arms Matt and Lars, singing the song on top of our lungs, and then all of us locking eyes with Lars and shouting with him, “MOTHEFUCKER DIE!” So amazing!! Fuel was an amazing song as well. I just LOVE the drums for that song. James gave us a lot of love to our corner too. Kirk did the epic fucking solo for Fuel in front of us, and then James came over and sang the last verse while the epic drums were playing flawlessly in the background. I was just murdered completely after these first four songs.

Because I’m a huge Metallinerd, I had checked the night before for the setlist so I could guesstimate on what songs were gonna be played tonight. When I saw Fade to Black on the list, I was so sad because I was certain they wouldn’t play it the next night. So no words can describe how overjoyed all three of us were when we heard that opening note from James who started RIGHT in front of us. Jesus Christ I think I was gonna die. I couldn’t believe it. Fade to Black, back-to-back nights?! FUCK YEAH! This version was just so flawless. Kirk nailed the solo, Lars nailed his double bass, James’s vocals were amazing, Rob was in front of us for majority of the song. Then during the end of the song, James likes to the sing the rhythm part and get the crowd to sing too. Matt, Al and I knew the cue and we started to sing it before James even came over. When he saw and heard we were singing it, he just broke out into this HUGE smile and came up in front of us and sang with us, smiling the whole time. We locked eyes and yeah, I’ll admit it, I cried. Fade to Black is just an amazing, beautiful, uplifting song and it was the part of the song where the solo rises and rises and rises until it reaches that beautiful high note, and I started to cry while looking at James straight into his bright blue eyes. It was breathtaking, euphoric and absolutely 100% cathartic. After all the shit in my life so far, I needed to hear this song so bad. After Fade ended, James said to us “GREAT SINGING!” with that big smile of his and he threw at me a Papa Het pick which I got. I wiped my tears away, calmed myself down and got into the rest of the show.


Prior to Broken Beat and Scarred, Lars fucks with the crowd. He goes over to the regulars in the middle of the rail and hangs out with them, gives them his drink. Then the song starts and we were air-druming like psychos, me, Al and Matt. It’s such a great song live. I sometimes fall in and out of love with it, but the second I hear it live, I’m like, “Okay now I remember why I love it,” lol! Then here comes another shocker of the night after BBS and before Cyanide. Lars shoots out of his kit, calms down for a bit, drinks his drink, then gets another drink and makes a beeline RIGHT for me. He shouts, “YOU WANT IT? YEAH, YOU WANT IT? HUH?!” and I’m like, “YES YES YES!!” He says, “Alright then!!” throws it and I caught it!! I FINALLY got to drink a Lars drink, lol! I’ve always wanted to share a drink with Lars and I finally got to!! It was very good too, cherry gatorade diluted by cold water and ice. Just what I needed on the rail because while there was no crush, me and Al and Matt were basically on top of each other going PSYCHOTIC all fucking night long, haha. We worked up quite a sweat!!

Cyanide comes and goes, where the three of us are all calming down a bit but still headbanging and rocking out. Then Sad but True which still kicks ass live. What makes it more fun to listen to is the added addition of me and Matt hopping when Lars hops while drumming the song. It’s so much fun. Lars actually saw us do that while he was doing it and he laughed so hard, haha! Up next was One, which is possibly my favorite Metallica song of all time. Usually when I’m rail, I always air-drum the song, Lars always finds me and we always air-drum it together while singing. It means the most to me out of every song that we do it during this one, but I figured since I wasn’t in my usual spot we wouldn’t be able to do this. I was right about this, he was focusing on someone on the right hand side of the stage, until the part of the song that I love the most. He looked through his high-hat (his kit had rotated to the side by this time) and found me and we sang and air-drummed together up to the Darkness riff. I was so stunned. I was like, “God I love you good sir.” LOL Made my fucking night. How little did I know how amazing this night was going to be…

So here comes the Nightmare/Judas Kiss slot. We’re thinking, okay Nightmare here it comes, or Judas Kiss, who knows. Then we hear it: the strange intro with the bells and the high notes. And all three of us LOOSE OUR SHIT. “IT’S MY APOCALYPSE!!” we SCREAM on top of our lungs. We couldn’t believe it!! While Judas Kiss is pretty cool, all three of us agree that Judas Kiss lacks the epic quality of Nightmare live and the sheer fierceness of My Apocalypse (we determined this through listening and watching live shows). God this was such a highlight of the goddamn show. MY FUCKING APOCALYPSE IS MEANT TO STAY IN THIS SETLIST. It’s so NATURALLY meant to be there. They just OWNED this song so hardcore. All three of us headbanged and James was laughing at how hardcore we were into the song. It was great! And Rob loved us too, he was like YEAH YEAH YEAAAH and ugh he whipped his hair around while doing the bass, so great to see up close and personal.

The Day starts after this and thank goodness because we needed the break, lol! My Apocalypse just layeth’d the smackdown on our candy asses, stomped mudholes there too and walked us dry. Happily! The Day was quite beautiful live as usual. Very well played. Then during the epic hang between The Day and Master of Puppets, Lars finds me again while he scans the crowd and points out to me with the drumstick. Another unthinkable thing happens. He KEEPS eye-contact with me as he leans over the cymbal he hits to start Master. His kit had already turned all the way around so his back is to me majority wise, but for the intro of Master with the kick drum and the cymbal, he’s looking right at me while we do the intro together. I got chills man, total chills. Another amazing moment. I could’ve died happy by this point! Master was absolutely amazing as it always is. I lost my shit during it, going into my death metal voice and just another fucking world really. Windmilled/headbanged like crazy. I love singing the middle part of the song. What a fucking rush. Blackened was another amazing song to hear live yet again, totally kicked my ass as well! All three of us air-drummed together and although Lars couldn’t see us, James, Kirk and Rob did and they LOL’d and rocked out in front of us! So awesome!

Nothing Else Matters comes after and Kirk starts in front of us. James epically screwed up the lyrics and all three of us cringed at that, but it didn’t matter, because an amazing moment was that James came RIGHT in front of us for the NEM solo and came to his knees in front of us too. It was so powerful to have this moment literally a foot away from my face. I was on such cloud nine with this show being so amazing that I even got into Sandman more than I have in the last couple years!! It kicked ass that the crowd was awesome throughout most of the show too, and totally lost it during Sandman. It’s typical for a crowd to lose it during Sandman but at this point I didn’t care. The show was SO awesome and I had Hetfield on his knees in front of me doing that epic riff hang that he does during Sandman to make it super amazing awesome. I was a happy person in general.

Then, one of the best things ever happened after Sandman ended and the guys walk around saying goodnight and thanks. Lars does his whole thank you stuff to the crowd above and to the crowd below on the floor. He comes to my side of the stage and he points right at me and I can hear him say, “Thank you so much, thank you!” and I say, “No, thank YOU!” and I blow him a few kisses, and he blows kisses back to me!! The awesome doesn’t stop there, haha. Because Lars was looking right at me, he bumps right into James! Before he can fall over, James catches him full body and asks if he’s okay and Lars is just all smiles. He then points to me and my sign, and then there and then I have a smiling James and Lars looking at me and my sign. The image is just STUCK in my head forever. James asks Lars what the last phrase of my sign says and Lars tells him “jeg elsker dig” means “I love you.” James laughs and he points to Lars and I’m like “YES!” and nod my head frantically. They both laugh and James lets Lars go. James then points to himself and I shake my head no, lol! He then pouts and says “BUT IT’S ALWAYS ME!” and I said “NOPE!” and point to Lars who is on the opposite side of the stage now. James then starts pointing between me and Lars frantically saying, “Okay so it’s between the two of you then!” and then points to himself and says, “Not for me right?!” and I said, “YEAH BUT I STILL LIKE YOU TOO!” and he laughed and said, “Haha awesome!!”

I’m pretty much on cloud nine here. The encore starts and I’m flipping my shit out about Stone Cold Crazy and Trapped Under Ice. My friend Matt had never heard Trapped before and his reaction was PERFECT. The second James said, “Do you have the album…” we were all expecting him to finish with “Kill Em All” but when he said “Ride the Lightning,” we just GASPED, and I turned to Matt and it was just the perfect expression of shock and awe and absolute happiness. His mouth was a perfect O, his eyes HUGE and BIG, and then the riff started, and we FLIPPED OUT. I love hearing this song live, they just own it so hardcore!

Seek then starts later and we were so happy man. We were SO into the song. I ended up catching a beach ball too and I was like, fuck yeah! What made my night was that the little nine-year-old boy I befriended in the metclub line… he got to count in Seek! See the picture here!! Lars found him, pulled him up and brought him on stage! What made me smile was that the little kid found me on stage and pointed the stick at me as a sign of thanks. I just about died. Seek was awesome, I got a beach ball, the whole thing… this is the best show EVER!! Tampa ruled but this one was just like, WOW!

Now let’s recap on this night so far for me: I got a Gojira pick, I got Gojira love, I got picked on by Willie of LOG, I got a Papa Het pick from James, I got a drink from Lars, I got a kick ass setlist (Creep, Fuel, Fade, My Apocalypse US debut, Blackened, Stone Cold Crazy, Trapped Under Ice), I had multiple times of Lars and I making eye-contact while singing and air-drumming together, I had Kirk love, Rob love, James love during Fade, James/Lars love specifically at ME and my sign that initially thought was stupid and wouldn’t be noticed at all… there is just nothing that can make this even better than what it is. Nothing at all.

It’s after Seek. The band starts giving out picks. Lars has come out of his pit area with the sticks. He walks around and gives out sticks to people on the opposite side of where I’m at. Then he goes to the side besides us and gives out sticks there. Then, he comes to my side of the stage. He walks up and down it, shouting at people, getting everyone riled up. He goes back to my area and he walks down again, looking at everyone in the face to find someone. I’m just going crazy cuz hey, it’s Lars! I’m getting crushed (finally lol) while people go frantic all around me.

Lars stops and meets my eye. He breaks out into a huge grin. My jaw drops. He points the stick at me and crouches down. “You ready?!” he shouts and I’m like, HOLY SHIT AGAIN?!?! LARS, WHAT??!? But I’m not about to pause, hell no! I reach my hand out and say, “FUCK YEAH!” and I’m a short shit and I try my hardest to reach but it’s still so far away. I eventually leap as far as I can and land RIGHT on the rail onto my stomach!! What I didn’t know was that some chick who wasn’t even there since the beginning and was taller than me put her hand on top of my own. Lars saw this and he actually batted her hand away with the stick!! My friend Matt then took the girl’s hand and yanked her the fuck away from me! Matt and Al then both grab my wrist and jerk it up in front of Lars, bringing me practically off the ground and Lars grins wide and for the first time ever… the drumstick lands right into my hands right from Lars. Drumstick #1 was given to me in a bag. Drumstick #2 was thrown to me and I missed (because I was shaking so hard). And now, Drumstick #3 was finally given to me into my hand. I looked up at Lars and I met his eye and shouted, “THANK YOU LARS!” And then, the fucker, he just smiled and winked at me. Lars goes off his merry way to give out more sticks and I’m left shaking at the rail with a black-tapped drumstick and Al and Matt looking at me going like, “You bitch we hate you,” LOL!!

The show ends and we finally step away from the rail, shaking from head to toe, covered in sweat. We leave the arena and head to the car. I say goodbye to Virgin Matt, who got a beachball yay!, and Andrew who I could not thank enough for giving me that GA ticket that I so needed. He’s such an awesome dude and I’m so glad I am now friends with him. We head on over to IHOP for some eats and time to wind down from the show. It took us three hours to get back to my place in DC thanks to the stupid weather and really dark roads, but we made it back safe and sound. Sirius also hilarious played Trapped Under Ice no more than five minutes after we left IHOP, what awesome luck!! We got back at 4AM, dropped Al off at his apartment, then I let Matt crash on my therapeutic mattress in my living room while I took about three hours to wind down finally, haha. Charlottesville Magnetic was all-in-all an amazing success and I’m glad I got to meet new Clubbers as well as hang out with old ones like Matt, break virgin cherries and have my moments with Lars and the others. Another memorable show for another memorable tour this is shaping up to be. I love going to shows with friends and making friends along the way. It just makes all the difference in the world. And I love the Metclub for giving me this opportunity.

Next upon TrinOnTour – The Fuck My Life Leg: MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, NIGHTS 1 AND 2!! Catch ya’ll later!

Again, I didn’t take photos at the rail, but my friend Al did! Here are the photos taken from the rail. The rest will be in another post. Enjoy everyone!

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