Yavor already said it “Unique “!!!!


I will try to retell our incredible experience to Berlin and back.
We departed at 11 A.M in the morning by bus. The journey was long, well really long….. When we saw that there were only 250 kilometers to Berlin we rejoiced that we would arrive earlier than expected, but we passed to Dresden, and Halle and Leiptzig…. Our bus arrived to Kaiserdamm in Berlin at 14 P.M. and we made it to the hostel. After settling in, we drank a beer at the expense of the hostel and at 16 P.M. we went to the venue where Yavor waited us.

The hall itself seemed exceptionally when I first saw it from afar, located right next to the Berlin wall. Tons of fans came from many different parts of Europe (and not only), were crowding around O2 waiting for this incredible event. There was a delay and they opened the doors at 19:30 pm when the nervous fans made their way to the entrances! Yavor, Bozhidar and Ivo were among the first rushed in the brand new hall while I was stuck between two fences. In front of the firs was a security guard telling me I should not pass, and behind me hundreds of fans were pushing to enter inside. I managed to get out of the trap and walked in the hall where for my great relief I was able quickly to find the others who were already at the rail in front of the stage. The stage itself was located in the middle of the room so everyone has a good vision!

We waited until the moment we heard that familiar “Ecstasy of gold” intro. Rob appeared first, after him James, Lars, Kirk and the feast began!
New songs hit us one after another … the voice of James was amazing and sounded exactly as it sounds in the album. Rob was doing a variety of faces while he pulls the bass strings and Lars hit the drums so hard that I felt that he would break them. I heard live songs, which I did not dream to hear even at my courageous dreams! I had a feeling that if I reach my hand I’ll touch Kirk`s guitar! During “Broken, Beat & Scarred” James recognized the flag of “Harvester of Sofia”, and he said, “I remember it!” It was a unique and precious moment…..

I felt like in meat-chopping machine, but this is the risk to be front of the stage! An infinite madness…. After Cyanide we could not hold on against the insane German fans and Ivo pulled me out of the crowd in which certainly I would not survive if I was alone!

The surprises from Metallica did not stop…. Master of puppets sounded majestically, but not as at Bulgarian land! The four of them looked very happy and I think that they truly enjoyed the show. In the moment they turned on the house lights to see who is singing and who are not, giant beach balls started falling from the top. This was quite distracting for the audience during the last three songs. One hit Rob on the head, other broke down one of the microphones and we saw James in the light of football player. At beginning of “Seek & Destroy” there was another attempt of one ball over James’s mic and he missed part of the song with a wide smile! Last performance for the evening…. Guitar picks, drums sticks and countless deserved applause! А great emotion, which is very difficult to describe with words.
Sweaty, exhausted but very happy we came out the hall where we met the German ice wind! It was terrible cold. Everything ended too fast, like it was only a blink of an eye…
The next morning we managed to make some sight seeing in the beautiful but chilly Berlin.
We left by the same bus.
I personally did not want to leave… I wish I could go to London for the celebration at September 15!
But … Here I am back in Sofia, thrilled in anticipation for another dose of the drug called Metallica live….

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