The RNR Hall of Clusterf*cks: Trin’s Crazy Weekend Binging & Purging in Cleveland


I went to this event with a good friend of mine named Al. He’s one of my convertees to Metallica, #154 or something like that. We took a Super Shuttle from campus to Baltimore International Airport. Our flight was barely an hour long. Then we took a ride to our hotel, the Renaissance, which was right next to the Ritz Carlton where the crew and the rest of the band were staying.

We then made a bee line for the PUYA party. PUYA stands for Party Up Your Ass. It was an event organized by Metclubbers and it was taking place in the lower level of the Hard Rock Cafe. There were 75 of us all together. It was INSANE and INTENSE. Me and Al were the very late arrivals because we left the airport at 6:40 and arrived at 7:50, and the party started at 7:30. We ended up getting there around 8:50 because of how long it took getting ready and taking our stuff to the airport.

The second I walk in there, I’m IMMEDIATELY bombarded with hugs and photos everywhere. All of my friends from touring were there! It was a big ass reunion. :) Vic immediately tackled me and I was so blindsided, I was like OMG WTF WHO IS HUGGING ME AND SWINGING ME AROUND LIKE CRAZY AAAHHH, and then I was like, It has to be Vic, and VIOLA, it was Vic! LOL. Nice one.

The pre-show party consisted of drinking one too many long island ice teas, some tall vodka shots, eating AMAZING steak let me tell you om nom nom, and chatting up with all of my friends that I have missed so much, and introducing Al to everyone of them. “Hi everyone, this is Al, he’s not my boyfriend, he’s a n00b, etc etc etc” God I embarrassed him I think. Haha.

Here are some pictures from the event:

I’m nuts.

Can I ever take a serious picture?

Me at my table. 😀

Me and my buddies. God I miss them all already.

After that we all had to go upstairs. Our party had to end at 10PM, so we left and went upstairs. We enjoyed the live band there for a few minutes, then we all decided to go back to our rooms. We had invaded the entire seventh floor. About 80% of the rooms there were all dedicated to us. Because we had just one too many drinks that night… insanity ensued as we walked through the mall that connected the Cafe to our hotel.

We all quoted Jim Breuer’s famous comedy about Lars and his FOOKING NAPSACK, and we all were just shouting random YEAHs and OOOs and HEY HEY HEY HEY in Hetfield voices. It was HILARIOUS. Matt and Al and a few others who know Lars is my favorite were just breaking out the jams with Lars one-liners in dead-on Lars impersonations and I was dying so bad.

Video of that should be out because Al was filming, so we will enjoy that on a later date. Lemme tell you folks, you have no idea how much fun that was.

Then we all went to the bar there at our hotel, proceeded to drink some more, and we all sang Metallica while drinking. That was fun too! We just chatted, relaxed, drank, and I hit my limit, so I stopped drinking and started drinking water. By this point people were REALLY drunk. One of my friends was stripping, another one was grinding, people were tripping over themselves, so us semi-sober or sober folk were helping the totally-not-sober folk up to their rooms. THAT is also on video and I’ll have to show that later… hilarity ensued.

After all that, around 1AM, Al and I retired to our room, and we took a shower one after the other. I was first, finished fast, and just CRASHED into bed. We had a big day ahead of us, and dammit, we had to get our sleep!! Little did I know just how chaotic and intense and insane and emotional on all fronts, bad and good, was tomorrow going to bring…

Saturday morning I woke up at 9:00AM. Me and Al got ready and headed downstairs for some breakfast. We met up with a few clubbers down there, chatted, then we ate. I had a belgian waffle. OM NOM NOM.

Afterwards we decided to head out and get some food! I met some clubbers there too, and we all took the shuttle to the Museum. It was free that day, and we decided to get there early before the rush. It wasn’t all that great really. It was pretty decent. No Metallica exhibit. But that was fine.

I met up with more clubbers inside and we chatted and talked and chatted some more. Al and I then went downstairs to get some gear to take with us. I bought my family two mugs from the RNR HOF. Al got his first vinyl ever, the Justice album, a RNR HOF denim jacket, and Cliff Em All.

While in line, I met and chatted someone who attended the 150-person House of Blues bash with Metallica the night before. He talked to me about the old days, and was surprised to see that someone as young as me knew so much about old shit! He was name dropping the people who showed up, like people from Exodus, Les Claypool, Ron McGovney, Johnny and Marsha Z, even Phil Towle was there! People like that, all from the past, present, and future… so we had a great discussion about the old days and what happened last night. He gave all of his old photos to Lars who took them happily. He was spewing off all of these old stories, and Lars was like, DUDE I REMEMBER THAT!! Then the guy showed me pictures of the night before, and I was floored. I couldn’t believe I got to share this experience with him. He was going to be on the floor that night as an honored guest, along with a bunch of other people. Nice guy too. :)

Afterwards we went back to the hotel. I text a few people, Al breaks out Cliff Em All, and I check my email and shit. Then I get a great status update on Facebook: my friend Allen FINALLY arrived in Ohio! So I text him, he hauls his ass over to our room, and we go out to the Ritz to stalk 😛 And to eat some lunch!

It wasn’t very expensive, really. It was even a bit cheaper than the Hard Rock Cafe that we wanted to go to. We were SO underdressed though, we felt so bad, LOL. Allen didn’t even take off his cap. The turkey sandwich was delicious! And their burgers looked great too.

Oh and we ran into some guy named Flea. We didn’t bother him. We said hello. Nice guy. Recognized the blue hair. Al totally didn’t see him. I win.

So we ate, and we relaxed. Chatted it up, talked about the Vegas show in the future, how excited we were for that…

However, something bad was coming in the horizon.

A bit of some background. Months ago, someone named Tracy promised me tickets to the RNR HOF. I thought it was too good to be true. But I trusted her. I had known her in my two years being in the Club, since I bought it myself in ’07. I figured she wouldn’t fuck me over. And my earlier tour where I relied on my clubber friends had proved to me the Club had some good people.

Things were a bit iffy though when I came to Cleveland. At the party, she was very distant, and very isolated from us all. She seemed off. But I figured it was because she was worried about the whole party, making sure it was okay, that people were eating, etc. Thing it got worse, when I had texted her during the day, asking her what’s up, and she texted back saying, “Personal crisis… I’ll talk to you later.” I figured it might have been something with her mom, so I didn’t push it. But then she texted back, “Okay, later we can talk. … I’m sorry I hurt you.” Warning klaxons went off. But again… I didn’t do anything. Thought oh well she’s probably losing it because she’s got her problems.

So, during the meal, I got a phone call from my friend Jigsaw on the boards, real name Chris. He’s a great guy, love him to death. Him and I have been iffy all these months leading up to the event, wondering if this was too good to be true. But he figured hey I paid, this should totally happen…

And, well, what he said to me on the phone turned my blood cold.

“Tracy texted me. She said she doesn’t have the tickets.”

My heart sank. My stomach heaved. My mind was gone.

Tracy, the person I had set up buying the tickets from about months in advance, when the Hall had actually ANNOUNCED that the guys were in it… didn’t have the tickets Jigsaw paid for.

I didn’t mention it to anyone at the table. I figured this would be dealt with later, in a private matter.

How little did I know…

We all headed back to the hotel. The Ritz wasn’t far from the hotel as I said before, so it was a fun walk. We got to the bar, and there I found Tracy. She was with these other people. Tony was there too. Tony is another good friend of mine.

She looked distraught and gone. I tried to talk with her, and she gave me this look, and I said, “What?” all cheery and she said, “What?” back like she was looking at me for the first time.

So then it finally came out. She was the one who asked me, “So where did you get the tickets from?” And I said, “From you. We agreed on this.” And she said, “Oh, nope, not really, we discussed it but never finalized.” And… and nothing in this world can ever explain how I felt in that moment. It was like… like everything just shut down in me completely. Al didn’t understand, he wasn’t really paying attention. It wasn’t until later, when I said to Allen, “Well I’ll be at the simulcast then,” that Al wondered what was up, and then I told him.

We had no tickets. We had nothing. We showed up from Washington DC, him originally from Boston, me from California, and we had absolutely nothing at all. And what’s worse? We weren’t alone.

I met up with Loiselle from the boards, chapter head of the Michigan Metclub chapter, and other people. There were NINE all together, including a girl who came from FRANKFURT GERMANY, and we were all told by Tracy that she didn’t have any tickets. She gave them simulcast tickets. I didn’t get anything.

Needless to say after that we were heartbroken and pissed off. Loiselle and the others had shown up that day just for the ceremony, and that was it. We were pissed and sad and fed-up. I was in tears because I couldn’t believe someone could deceive me that way. My best friend Al tried to calm me down but I was just hysterical. We went to the Museum to try and find scalpers to buy tickets from, and then we gave up on that, so we decided, OH FUCK IT, let’s go get some beers after… but we ended up giving up finding a bar and just went to get food and ice cream, lol. So there were 13, 14 of us all together in the food court eating our food and ice cream and just trying to feel better about this.

Al and I got simulcast tickets when we were at the museum. It would’ve been enough for him, but I was just… distraught and pissed-off and angry at myself. I should’ve known better. I should’ve KNOWN and trusted my instincts. How could I have been so fucking stupid? How could I have done that? How could SHE deceive me like that? How did this happen? Why did I let this happen? Why did I ignore my instincts? Why didn’t I demand the proof ahead of time instead of seeing the ticket later?

These questions didn’t leave me at all the rest of the hours. Al and I hanged out with Chris and his girl Tiffany, chatted and relaxed, and I started to feel a bit better. I decided, well fuck it. I’m going to dress up, and make myself beautiful, and I’m going to the goddamn simulcast gorgeous and dolled up. Fuck her, fuck this, fuck everything. I bought this dress, and I’m going to fucking wear it!

Later on Al and I went upstairs to meet with Loiselle and the others. There he told us that Ticketmaster is going to drop 150 tickets soon for the RNR Hall of Fame. He ordered us to get dressed ASAP and to get our shit together, so that we could get tickets.

Needless to say, we hauled fucking ass. LOL.

I put on My Apocalypse, and got done by the time the song ended. I had to do my hair though so that was taking awhile. Then I got a call from my friend Vic.

“So what’s this about you not going to the Hall?” and I told her why, and she said, “Do you still need tickets?”

I double-took. I couldn’t breathe. I was like, “Say that again?” and she said, “Do you still need tickets?” Immediately I’m like, “YES I DO.” And she calmly said, “Well good, Heather has an extra pair. We’ll give them to you and Al. They will be at Will Call. Heather will pick them up with you two. That good?”

“Of course,” I said, and I promised to come over and visit within a minute or two because I have to do my hair, so that was it.

I got off the phone. I turned to Al.

And we just did at the same time, on top of our lungs:


Let me tell you. I was resigned to going to the simulcast. The simulcast by the way was going to be basically the event broadcasted in the museum not far from the Public Hall. It was going to be shown on all five levels, from the lower level to the fourth level. I was so ready to just do that…

And then? To get that confirmation, to get those tickets, I mean… just… I cried, because I could. No mascara was on yet, lol.

But yeah. We had the tickets. We had the spot. We made it. We were going to the RNR HOF.


Now before I go on with the rest of this review, I just need to stress on here how big the scam thing was.

She didn’t just screw me over. She screwed over twenty people. It’s a gigantic issue over on the Metclub boards. I just want to emphasize here how monumentally distraught I felt when she lied to us, all of us, every single fucking one of us, and just how… how fucking distraught I was by it. I was in tears. I was crying. I couldn’t believe I could trust someone like that, when I knew from the START right to the END that there was something NOT RIGHT about her. I KNEW she was shady. I KNEW she wasn’t trustworthy. I KNEW she had something going on. I have TOTALLY beaten myself up over ths, over and over and over. How could I DO something like that? How could SHE do something like that?

And yet… yet it happened. I let it happen, because I thought, well hey she wouldn’t fuck me over, it’s the Metclub, no one would fuck other clubbers… and it happened, and it just… it just ruined me. I didn’t even want to be apart of the Club anymore. I was like, I’ll let it go out and never renew, fuck this…

I don’t think no one will ever understand what it was like having that bomb dropped on me three hours before the most anticipated event in Metallica’s history. To think for four months yeah I’ll have it… and then realize no, I won’t have it, it’s gone, taken away, a lie, a total fucking lie…

And then it was like… a total miracle. A total fucking miracle. My friend Vic saved my ass. Heather saved my ass. Iz saved my ass. All of my friends who I met through touring, who I would trust with my life… when I thought all was lost and gone, they saved my ass. They saved the day. They were there for us. They were there for me. Nothing in this world can ever explain just how joyous and happy and elated and relieved and… and STUNNED I was. How WE were.

I’m just going to put it out there: thank you so much for the metclub. For my friends. You guys truly are the best bunch of people anyone can ever ask for. One bad person will never ruin what I experienced in the Hall that night, watching them accept that award, live and in front of my eyes.

And now, that is what I will talk about now… what I felt, what I saw, and what I think from that whole event. What I came for. What I waited for.

And now for a moment of hilarity: I was so hauling ass. People were all ready to go and whatever. Me? I was going NUTS. I would leave the room and then go, SHIT I FORGOT MY CELL. Then I’d go back, then to the elevator, and then go, SHIT I FORGOT MY MONEY. Do the same thing, and then go, SHIT I FORGOT TO TURN OFF THE HOT ROLLERS. Then I’d do the same thing, and then go, SHIT I FORGOT MY COAT! And then one more time, and then, SHIT I FORGOT MY SHOES!!!!! It was pretty hilarious watching some girl run back and forth between the elevator and her hotel room so many fucking times, lol.

I head downstairs, and everyone is ALL smiles. Those who were screwed out of money, well, we got our tickets, motherfucker! YEAH!! I was so happy I had to order a Midori Apple Sour. OM NOM NOM. Had my fruity drink, got myself all good, was flinging myself everywhere and showing off my sexy dress and my hair and my bod, and then we were OFF to the show!!

Everyone dressed up and ready to go.

We took the shuttle to the place, and we got dropped off at the wrong area: the backstage area of the Public Hall. That’s okay considering we met Ronnie Wood, haha.

We eventually were taken to the right entrance. Then Heather picked up our tickets at will call… and that is when I finally allowed myself to relax and be happy. We were getting in. We were going to get in. And it was once the tickets were scanned and we got inside that I finally allowed myself to be happy.

Our seats were great. Upper level, overlooking the stage, and looking down right where the guys were.

Table three and table four in the first column of tables belonged to Metallica.

The event was fantastic. I highly enjoyed Little Anthony and the Imperials. A fantastic performance. Run DMC has a good speech. The other performances were alright. I twittered during the moments I got bored… and watched the guys on the floor when I was REALLY bored. Jason Newsted, thank you for your spaziness during the performances that sucked. You entertained me.

And then Metallica’s turn.

Flea did an amazing job. No question about it. Everything he said was so true. It was like I was up there doing the speech myself. It was beautiful and moving and hilarious and real. Flea nailed it.
Up on stage the guys were such a unified front. Hugs and kisses were thrown everywhere. No ill will was shown between Jason and the others. It was like Metallica had transformed into Iron Maiden! Haha.

Ray Burton starts us off. I’m immediately moved. He reminded me so much of his son. I could see Cliff in him. I was besides myself with his honest words.
Jason coming up next was amazing. We ALL supported him, every single one of us. My friend who shouted I LOVE YOU JASON and Jason acknowledged her… that really made her happy. Jason was clearly moved by our support. I was extremely loud for him.

Rob coming up next was a welcomed breather. Seriously. If he did something emotional as fuck for his speech I would’ve been crying way earlier. But he was so honest and real, so calm and soothing. Very Rob. Very him.

Kirk’s turn. Oh man. The quiver in his speech as he talked about his family, his brother and his mom, really got to me. Seeing his BROTHER cry on screen got to me. He was so emotional, and so nervous. I loved it. What a great speech.

And then comes Lars.

If anyone went fucking crazy for that speech, it was me. It wasn’t heard on the broadcast, but the first person to yell YEAH LAAAAAAARS was me. Lars’s speech was the second best of the night. I adored it. He just “riffed” it. I loved that. So him. Acknowledging us and pointing to us, in every direction, was fantastic. I was going nuts up in the balcony. You could see me cuz the light was in our direction. We weren’t in darkness.

His speech was so honest and real and very him. But the point where it really got to me, and it got to Lars obviously, and everyone else in the room, was him talking to his father. The love and respect and honor Lars has for his father was conveyed so, so well in front of everyone. I don’t think the broadcast did well in showing the TEARS that were THICK in Torben’s eyes. Nor did the broadcast catch Torben wiping at his face after Lars finished his speech. I also found it so touching that James and Jason immediately went for Lars, Jason catching his hand and James hugging him, then Kirk and Rob giving him hugs after while James went up to the mic. It was so emotional. You could feel everyone around me, even the ones who weren’t the fans, feel the emotion coming from Lars to his father.

And then comes James.

James tore me up and spit me out. What the hell. His speech was like Lars’s: very much him, very much real, and very much honest. People were going crazy for him, and cheering, and laughing, and yelling. When James brought up how bands have fallen, you know that silence? That you hear in the broadcast? It was magical. You could hear a pin drop. NO ONE was talking. I wasn’t even BREATHING.
“Dare to fail — I DARE YOU to fail” was the best line of the night. Because of the tone of voice. It just changed. It’s like he was commanding you to fail, because then you can reach your dreams. Broadcast didn’t catch his voice well like live did. It just chilled me completely. Hetfield owned in that one sentence. In one fucking sentence.

And then, my favorite part of all night. The one part where I totally lost it. What many are saying was their favorite… The Hug™.

When James said, “I wanna thank Lars… for calling me…” I said YEAAAAH on the broadcast, because it was like, YES. Because without that phone call, that one phone call… there would be no Metallica. And you can hear me so audibly too. Hell yes.

And then, James finishing that line, with Lars in the background, looking so emotional, and happy, and that smile so authentic, “And include each other in our dreams of being… in the greatest heavy metal band… in the world. Thank you.”

Lars’s smile just lit up. I swear. It just. It lit up. Nothing can describe it. And James’s smile in return.

And then The Hug™.

The second James brought Lars up from the ground and swung him around, I lost it. That was it. That was the last straw. Like, yep, okay, you fuckers won, I am crying, thanks a lot dicks, I have mascara going down my cheeks, assholes, ugh, I love you all, but I hate you, argh.

Hilariously, the other clubbers saw me crying and were like HA I KNEW IT. Thanks.

But that Hug… that was like, everything said that couldn’t be said with words. The love they have for each other, and have been for each other through the years, the turmoil and tribulations they both have been through, the shit each other have put the other through, the need they have for each other, the trust they have in each other, the anger and disputes and near falling out that nearly destroyed not just the band but their twenty year relationship together and the newfound love and trust in each other and in their lives that saved their relationship and brought their relationship to an understanding no one in this world can ever understand or even hope to achieve themselves… all of that? All of that shit? All of it was symbolized in one beautiful, long, emotional, sweet embrace. And that is why I cried. Because without Lars, there wouldn’t have been a Metallica. And without Lars, James never would’ve reached the stars and made his dreams come true. This was James saying what words couldn’t. And it brought tears to my eyes, and everyone else’s in the room.

And what can I say about the performances that already haven’t been said? Standard Tuning of Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman. Jason on vox and bass. Rob on vox and bass. Kirk on vox and guitar. James on vox and guitar. Lars completely and utterly SPOT ON with his drumming. It was a performance like no other. Nothing could match it. Nothing will match it. This will never be seen again. And I loved every single minute of it.

The finale was fantastic. James sounded AMAZING with his vocals. I couldn’t fathom seeing all these stars on one stage, with my favorite band ever. It was mind-boggling. Still is even now.

Afterwards, we all went back to the hotel, and we proceeded to get drunk! LOL. The Metallica road crew came out, and we all sat around the bar and drank and drank and drank, told stories, chatted up, things like that. It was a shit ton of fun. Later I went upstairs to play some Guitar Hero on Hard. That was fun too!

Then it was all over. I went to bed, woke up three hours later, got my crap together and headed out. It was all over. I couldn’t believe it. But the events of Saturday wouldn’t leave me forever. I experienced something beautiful and amazing and one-of-a-kind. It was almost taken away from me, but thanks to some wonderful people like Iz and Vic, everything switched from “fuck this” to “HOLY SHIT.” As I learned Saturday, and I will take with me in the future: one bad seed really doesn’t ruin shit when you’ve got a whole acre of fucking awesome people.

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