R@quel Story – Metallichicks…


I got there about noon with the banner, there were six other people waiting at the gate. SIX! I was shocked. People didn’t start showing up until literally a few hours before the show.

It was a sold out show, I think. There were people sitting all the way up in the rafters. I was down on the rail. I fought security to let me bring in that damn banner, and I was DETERMINED to NOT leave home with that banner in my possession. As the roadies were setting up, I saw Zach Harmon and got his attention. I yelled “Zach, check out my banner!” He nodded and I added “Make sure you tell Metallica, I don’t want to leave here with it!” And he said something to the effect of “Give it to Lars, he loves that kind of stuff!”

I met a girl named Jillian and her friend, a dude whose name I can’t remember. She was a cool girl, and she helped hold the banner, which the dick security guards would not let me hold over the rail. Actually the security guards were decent, just their supervisors were assholes. They were literally the biggest pricks I’ve ever dealt with at ANY show, EVER. Every time one of the guys passed by, we’d hold up the banner so they could see it. We held it up for Kirk, and he nodded in approval, even waved at us for a brief moment!

Now, I have a propensity for passing out. It’s something I’ve always been aware of and have to take precautions to avoid. At shows, dehydration, mixed with the lights and the noise, and the movement from the crowd make me violently ill. I have to keep myself hydrated, or else I’m done for. I tried to drink water steadily before the show, but it wasn’t enough. We tried to buy water inside the arena, but were unsuccessful. I took it easy, but four songs out, I felt myself getting clammy and my ears started ringing, and my head started spinning. I took a step back, and motioned to the security guards that I HAD to squat down on the ground to maintain myself. I kept one arm up on the rail to show everyone I was still ok. When I stood up, they handed me a plastic glass with about three sips of water in it, and I drank it down as fast as I could. I felt better after that. GUESS WHO’S WATER IT WAS? It was Kirk’s glass that one of the roadies grabbed off the stage. I could have cared less if it was dog’s water at that point, but now it’s pretty cool. So I ended up sharing a glass of water with Kirk. Unknowingly, but still pretty cool!
When James finished the concert went on stage in front of us and said something like “This is really cool!” And I cried out with a whole throat “For you!” He stopped, looked at me and said, “For me?” She looked shocked. He took it from me and very nicely he said “Thank you” and then continue to walk on stage with the banner.

Surely we can say that Metallica tour began with a blast. They have returned without a doubt

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