New Jersey, Day One


This took hours to arrive to. I was staying with a friend on the opposite side of Long Island. I left her house at 11AM, and didn’t get to the venue until 4:30PM. I was metclubber GA, so I was allowed in at 5PM, but I didn’t get the middle of the rail facing Lars’ kit like I wanted. Instead I got the cqorner rail of his side of the stage. It was next to the door where the guys exit and enter. Ended up being the smartest decision ever. I make friends with all these people who hadn’t seen Metallica in awhile, or had never seen them before. Since I’m a veteran Metallica show person, being this was my 10th show and my 7th for my Death Magnetic tour, I inform them how the stage is, where the guys will be, etc. All the logistics. Needless to say, they loved me!


I was surrounded by Machine Head fans, so we were all excited and pumped for MH. Sword came on and they were good. I’m a fan of the bassist. Then MH came on and I lost my shit! I love this band so much. I had a sign specifically made for them that said this: “I fucking fuck <3 machine fucking head.” Robb Flynn saw it just after Hallowed Be Thy Name, and he read it aloud to the crowd. After that he saw me and pointed at me and we sang together during Beautiful Morning. Then for Davidian we sang together and looked at each other. RIGHT at the end of the show, he sees me again and he shoves the security guard away and makes a bee line RIGHT for me. Lo and behold, I have an armload of Robb Flynn in my arms, and he’s telling me I rock and he fucking loves me too, and I’m like, HOLY SHIT. We hug, then he gives me a kiss on the cheek, and I kiss him back, and he’s off.

Metallica comes on next. I’m psyched. I have possibly one of the most cheesiest signs of the night. It says: “Hi Lars, can I have a drumstick?” The sign is covered in heart stickers and drawn hearts, a scary guy ala 2004, a badly drawn drumstick, and a smiley face. To boot, there’s a blinking red Christmas ornament on it. I wanted the stick, but I did want to make Lars laugh his ass off seeing the poster. But I didn’t think he’d see it since I was so far away from him in the corner of the rail. Everyone around me LOVED the poster, and because of that, they all promised me if Lars came over and gave one of them the stick, they would hand it over to me. I was floored by their sincerity, and I said, “Well that’s okay, I don’t mind if you get it. I’m totally cool not getting it! I just want him to see the sign, that’s all.” I’m not a greedy person.

I have fun anyway at the rail, singing along. I pretty much lose my shit when Ride the Lightning comes on. I LOVE that song a lot. Justice was such a highlight. Third time hearing this song, and I’ve love to hear it more and more. Everyone around me was jumping up and down and having fun. It’s a fantastic show. Hetfield up in my face, Kirk pointing and laughing at my sign, and Rob smiling and looking straight dead at me.

Towards the end of Nothing Else Matters, I see the laundry woman come my way with a bag. She looks right at me, and she hands the bag over to me. “This is for you,” she says. I’m totally confused and she grins and says, “From Lars.” My jaw drops. It fucking drops. I am shaking and I stammer out a thank you to her as she walks away. Just as Nothing Else Matters ends and it goes into the epic hang just before Enter Sandman, I look inside and my heart seizes.

The drumstick he used for The Day, Master, and Battery. Holy fucking shit.

I bowed onto the rail and cried. I sobbed and cried and bawled. All the people around me were like WHAT IS IT, IS IT THE STICK, DID YOU GET IT. And when I lift my head and they see my tears, I get a massive group hug from everyone around me on the rail. I get hugs and kisses from strangers, I get laughs and cheers, I get smiles and hands ruffling my hair and soothing my back and gripping my shoulders and neck. Everyone so happy for me because I was so happy.

I mean, getting the drumstick handed to you from Lars is just super fucking awesome. But for him to do that personally for me, put it into a bag and have the laundry assistant hand it over to me… yeah. I mean, that’s what just did me in. He did that for me, to make my day. I just… I couldn’t take it. Even NOW I can’t take it. I was just floored. I sang along and enjoyed the rest of the show, but I was just in tears the rest of the night. I couldn’t believe it.

I headed back with my friend Sarah to stay at her place in Clifton. We watched A Knight’s Tale while I recuperated from my amazing night. This was my friend Sarah’s first Metallica show as well, and she fell in love with the boys even more than ever because of it. I went to bed that night finally at 4:00AM thinking there was no way this show could be beat. A hug and kiss from Robb Flynn, a drumstick given personally to me by Lars, and getting up on MetOnTour with my flashing sign? How could that be beaten? I went to sleep that night the happiest I had ever been, thinking of how to repay back the guys when I arrived tomorrow…

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